It's AISHAAA (i'm NOT indian)😂

I'm 117 years old I'm wise

There's a first for everything Who was the first Marvel or DC superhero? #marvel #dc
THIS IS NOT A REPOST It's from my account @dctvworld This fight was epic🔥🔥🔥🔥
Who do you think will be the one to reverse Thanos' work?
What is your favourite Stan Lee cameo? #ripstanlee
How have comics affected your life? - - - #ripstanlee #steveditko #malcolmwheelernicholson #comics #movies
#ripstanlee Legends never die
Marvel legend Stan Lee dies at 95, this is so heartbreaking😢 #Ripstanlee
The Chitauri or the Outriders?
Part 4 And it's over. This was soo fun to make. Comment below your predictions and theroies for Avengers 4. Enjoy👍🏾
Part 3 Oof this is getting goooood Cap's side or Tony's side? Enjoy👍🏾
Part 2 Fury's big week I actually enjoyed this one...such big events. Enjoy😄👍🏾
Part 1 of the MCU in chronological order. Excuse the mistakes and Enjoy😄👍🏾 *All the Valkyries but one died
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