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Loki Laufyson. By @hero.daily
This scene gave me goosebumps! Video from @infinityy_war
He got punched in the face. From @infinityy_war
Thor is a fast learner 😂😂😂 By @thenerdyuniverse
Who's ready for Incredibles 2? By @samuel_cheve
Avengers Assemble for the first time!!! @official_dc.marvel
Did you like teenage Groot? @official_dc.marvel
Vision and Groot died so young, how tragic? By @dc.marvel.jpg
Mad CGI!!! Rate Infinity War's CGI out of ten! By @uncannycomicquest
No man's land is quite easily the best scene in the DCEU! @official_dc.marvel
Can Iron-Man be considered a villain in Civil War?
If you could have one of the infinity stones...which will it be? Amazing art by @raichu.copper
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