Ben Shapiro

Host of The Ben Shapiro Show Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Wire @the.daily.wire Facts don't care about your feelings, gang.

Great guy, great guest, great book. #GratefulAmerican @GarySiniseOfficial
Great meeting so many amazing people at this year’s incredible March for Life.
Great being with my employees! Because of my birthday I served them massive amounts of Fast Food (I didn’t pay), over 765,000 hamberders. Within 33 seconds it was all gone! Mediocre people and gluttons!
We polled the question. You said beard. The people spoke. The people were wrong.
Excited about this Sunday’s episode with Bishop Robert Barron!
No thanks, I'm married. . . . ***Warning: Graphic Language***
Had a great time doing the show live from WLS Studios!
Not saying I’m a better citizen or person than you, guys
Thanks to everyone who came out for my book signing! #Politicon2018 #FactsDontCare
Doing the Graceland thing before my @yaf_ lecture at @UofMemphis. To those coming out, thank you. Thank you very much.
I had a little time to kill before my @yaf_ lecture in Buffalo.
Here we go! My @yaf_ lecture tour starts now!
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