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She’s still preoccupied with 19... 19... 1985 ⚡️💃🏼 what’s your favorite decade? - - - #testshoot #curvemodel #curvygirl #80shair #80sfashion #80smakeup #80saesthetic #80sstyle #80s
Let’s be honest… Were you a Bridezilla? 👰🏼 #ad Watching this last season of #Bridezillas on @Wetv after being a bride myself has actually been hilarious. I always tried to be mindful of being ‘extra’ when I was planning my wedding, but man I really think I was a Bridechilla 💆🏼‍♀️ after watching some of these ladies lol. Grab your girls and watch the Season Finale TONIGHT! 10/9c 💗📺
As somebody who suffers from anxiety, depression, and has a history of trauma, I often find myself apologizing for things that are completely out of my control. Sometimes, I even apologize for taking up space. Part of trauma breaks down your self confidence and convinces you that you are a burden in every situation that you are in. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I actively work on activities that are centered around helping my sense of self and I have noticed how it affects how I view myself in situations with others. No matter where you are right now, try to take a few seconds to remind yourself that you are worthy of being where you are today and you are never a burden #anxiety #depressionrecovery #mentalhealthmatters #youareenough #mentalhealthstigma #traumarecovery #youarenotaburden #youareloved #breakthestigma #endthestigma
This weekend was the best. It was so good to get away with my hubby and CHILL...... buuuuut, I seriously can’t wait to see this guy and cuddle tonight... I mean come on- just look at him 😭🥰🐾
Man, Disney truly IS the happiest place on earth. SWIPE ➡️ for some pretty cute outtakes & friends 💗🐭
current mood- smell ya later ✌🏼
If you were a 90s song, what would you be? I’d probably be “Nuthin’ but a G’ Thang” tbh 💎
Stopped by my agency and got to see my favorite agents @samagranger & @uralucky1 and catch up with my girl @rachelrocconi
Just because #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth is coming to an end doesn’t mean taking care of your mental health has to! I have been using @doctorondemand to connect with a psychologist from the comfort of my own home on days when I’m not feeling too hot. They have psychologists and psychiatrists you can video chat with 7 days a week that treat a variety of conditions, making things super convenient! What mental health practices have you adopted this month? #MentalHealthMatters
The face of going back to responsibilities after a 3 day holiday weekend. #isitfridayyet 👀
Why is this my favorite “summer body” I’ve ever had? BECAUSE IT’S THE HEALTHIEST BODY I’VE EVER HAD. The fact that my body is the heaviest it has ever been is 👏🏼 not 👏🏼 relevant. Why? Because I love and appreciate my body more than I ever have. I don’t talk negatively to it. I honor all it does for me and appreciate it as the vessel that homes my mind & soul. My A1c is low, my chronic infections have been stabilized, my mind is focused and thriving, and my spirits are high as a kite. Cheers to my best summer body yet ! 💪🏼 #summerbody #t1dlookslikeme #chronicillnesswarrior #bodypositive #bodylove #bikinibody #bikinibodyready #honormycurves #bodypositivity #bodyposi #allbodiesarebeautiful #invisibleillness #t1d #bopo
[Automatic OOO reply] Thank you for your message! I’m out of the office and will be back on Tuesday 😉 . During this period I will have limited access to my texts, emails, and (of course) my DMs. 📵 For immediate assistance please... just chill... cause I’m on the boardwalk, getting a tan, & eating funnel cake . Best Regards, Carrie & Shaq 🏝 #mentalhealthfirst #checkingout #ooo #memorialdayweekend2019 #asburypark #jerseyshore #moped #mopedmoment
What’s everyone doing for Memorial Day Weekend?! Mike, Shaq, and I are headed ‘Down The Shore’- which is what we call going to the beach here in NJ 😉 Shaq is so excited to visit the doggie beach and go to his first yappy hour. The Jersey Shore is one of my favorite places in the world- it’s safe to say it’s my happy place... especially during MDW, the kickoff of summmmerrrrrrrr!!!!! 🏖 #mdw #memorialdayweekend #lbi #asburypark #jerseyshore #jerseygirl #thejerseyshore #downtheshore #memorialdayweekend2019 #seasideheights #asburyparknj #asburyparkboardwalk #njshore
Double-tap if you have a hard time finding a sports bra that fits! With my large bust I’ve always struggled to find the perfect balance of support and comfort with my sports bras. @shefitapparel ’s bras are the perfect solution as they are fully adjustable and offered in all cup sizes from A-I. I can’t wait to wear these all Summer long to get my work out on 💪🏻. Click on my link in bio to save $10 off your first @shefitapparel bra! #radicalsupport #shefit #ad
If you had told me 2 years ago that I would wear a pump on my wedding day I probably would have laughed. If you had said that it would be my “something blue”, I would have scoffed. Talking about my diabetes (let alone showing it) was one of the biggest struggles in my life until I learned that accepting it and taking care of it did not mean it defined me. In fact, taking care of myself and opening up about my chronic illness has made me feel the most “me” I have felt in a long time. When I started talking about it, it became less like a giant, scary monster in my closet and more like a battle I knew I could fight one day and one step at a time. I love the way I look in these photos because I am healthy and strong- I will forever cherish them. A wise woman said that these pictures look like, “a warrior stepping into a fairytale”. That’s exactly what I see too 💙 #somethingblue #davidsbridal #weddingprep #theknot #weddingchicks #featuremeoncewed #chronicallyill #chronicallyfabulous #t1d #medtronic #insulin #insulinpump #t1dlookslikeme #diabetes #diabetic #spoonie #spoonielife #autoimmunedisease #diabetestype1 #t1diabetes #jdrf #beyondtype1
Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by too many doctor visits 🙋🏼‍♀️. I’m all about being informed about your health, and that’s why I started using @letsgetchecked ’s at-home tests to save on those frequent visits (#t1ds I know you can relate 😉) The tests are super convenient and can check everything from your vitamin levels to diabetes, and even fertility! Head to my link in bio and use code CLANE15 to save 15% on your first test. Which one are you interested in taking?
Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about. - Marilyn Monroe #bluejeanbaby #curvemodel #t1dlookslikeme #chronicillnesswarrior #cantstopwontstop
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