Currently 📍 New York 🇺🇸 🚨NEW MERCH BELOW🚨

Who said I couldn’t fly? I guess I can now... 😂🔥 #bmwi8 #newyork
Standing in the middle of the road while a BIG truck was coming was prooooooobably not the best idea, but hey..YOLO! 🤘🏻🚨 @mr.alexsparrow
Sorry for being so Inactive :( I’ve been a bit busy traveling and I didn’t had much time for instagram. In this last days I’ve traveled from Spain to New York, then I went to Florida, Boca and Miami and today came back to New York 😅 so here I will post a couple random pics that I took out there 🌴💕
WHAT PART YOU LIKE MORE? 😁 Starting today, I need to forget what’s gone... appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next.🌴 Let’s make this summer 2018 something magical! WHO’s READY FOR SUMMER? 💕🛩 - @palmaboats @rocky.reborn @travelawesome @beautifuldestinations @paradise @bestvacations
Do you believe in Aliens? 👽👽 By the way, Good luck on your final exams 😉💪🏼
Clear water , blue sky and a big yacht, what can be better than that? 🌴😁 ohhhhh, and we can’t forget about the dolphins that came swimming along our boat this morning 🐬!! What a amazing day! How’s your Tuesday going? 🌴🔥 #mallorca
If you could fly somewhere right now, with who and where would you go? I’m reading you! 💕🛩 By the way!!! Im traveling back to the States in June!🇺🇸 can’t wait to see everyone🙏🏻😁 #NYC #NJ #LA 💯
I love this good weather at the island! 🌴 Whats your current mood? 1,2,3 or 4? 😝 I think I’m feeling like number 4 today since I’ve been nominated to some awards in New York! 💕😁
Oops.... someone got wet 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ slide to see what happened ! 🌊💦 #mallorca #summer #wavy
мой красивый щенок 🐶 So I would like to introduce my new little family member!! Dolly 💕 she’s a little golden retriever of only 1 month and a half!! She looks so innocent but she’s a little evil puppy hahaha 😈 #goldenretriever #goldenpuppy
Hi beautiful 💕 since I’ve been sick the whole week I decided to post a #throwbackthursday of my London trip💯 what do you think, do I look good dressed up or nah?
If you could... Would you like to travel in the past? ✈️🌴 #bronicasqa #mallorca #model
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