There is two type of people who can’t look at you in the eyes: Someone trying to hide a lie and someone trying to hide a love.
Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. Happy Tuesday everyone 😘💐
Can you write “FRAAG MALAS” letter by letter in the comments without getting interrupted? 😏 Let’s start this game! 😋 I’ll like all the pics of the first person who does it right 😜
I receive thousand of messages from people all around the world telling me how lucky I am, how my life looks fantastic and asking me how did I do it to arrive where I am I decided to dedicate this post to all of you. 👀 How many of you woke up today feeling like you want to give up on your dreams just because it seems impossible to achieve them or that no matter what you’re doing it’s never enough to arrive to where you want to arrive? Then let me tell you that when you feeling down, all you have to do is KEEP pushing yourself harder and harder because that’s what will show a big difference between the people that gave up on their dreams and the people that didn’t and NOW have become really successful in life!! I also have those days... everyone does ,I have MONTHS where all I do is wonder if I’m on the right path or If I’m just wasting my time, but you know what? I’m a true fighter! There is nothing that will make me get out of my way to hit my goals!! There is no better satisfaction then setting a goal and making it reality by trying and trying and trying until you reach it! Don’t give up on your dreams or you’ll work to make someone else dreams come true so get out, step out of your comfort zone and start building the lifestyle you want to live! It will not be easy but it will be worth it. Let’s go!! 💯 Love you guys ♥️🌴
Only you can choose the lifestyle you want to live. Don’t make the wrong decision. The biggest poison in our life is regret! 😌💯🔥 #polaris #fun
Me + you + getting lost in a magical place.. Think about it 😏🌴Ps: I think I got a little sunburnt 🦀 #beach #boy #tbt
Waiting for summer like... 😄🌴 Who else can’t wait for summer? 😛🏝 do you have anything planned already? 💯🤔 #beach #summer #tbt
I wish you a happy Thursday from this beautiful beach 🌴 Who would like to join me next time?! ♥️😌 #fandebalears
Los ojos no saben guardar secretos. 🌝 #mensfashion #travel #editorial 🔥
“If you don’t play with fire, you’ll die frozen.”🔥 - My last song DIME QUE ME AMAS has over 1.000.000 views in just a week!!! 😳♥️ thank yaaalll so much!!!!
Quisiera poder olvidar tu nombre y tu voz, así poder super el vacío que dejaste en mi interior.... Quién sabe como sigue? 😏 #DimeQueMeAmas ♥️
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