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Pure love
Sunny dhesi is gud di pesi . miss you bro comin back soon ..
My first day in India, after I came back from England this is the first boy I met. Him and his friend came up to me and said bai we are really big fans of yours .. I said ok. I took them home with me. Since then he’s with me .. his passion for his work is unparalleled, and his love for my mom and dad has brought all of us so many blessings and immense joy. I hope everyone can experience the true loyalty and love he has shown me all these years. And he will always be the little brother I never had. Good luck boy on this path of love you and Mandy are taking together. I love you both!
Since we first became humans the world have been shaped by 6 kinds of songs: friendship, joy, comfort,knowledge,religion and love..
I love you MA .. my mum so funny she said I didn’t smile in pic, I said why, she goes if I smile it will make my face look fat
Save me from kisses
No caption needed
Don’t chase what is not it meant for you beacause you will loose what is meant for you in this chase
Thank you all my fans for loving take off trending #1 on youtube god bless u all ..
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