Krissy Taylor

I scrap book....I love Jane Goodall.... Ohio🏠@sweetsweat / @cutebootylounge discount code: KT10

@shoptobi 💕
I LOVE MY @cutebootylounge 💕 discount code: KT10 #cutebootylounge #cutebootyleggings
Need another spa day. Thank you @ambereneegarret for the pampering. Loving my skin after microdermabrasion 💕. Also the hydrotherapy room was so relaxing 🥂😌
Let’s get lost inside the clouds 📸 @pedrorollejr
Ended up hiking 5 hours today on accident 🙃
🔹HOME WORKOUT: I haven’t really been working out the past couple months. I’ve been so unmotivated. BUT I’ve been forcing myself to workout everyday the past week because I’m ready to reform my habits😂...I’ve been preferring workouts at home so here are a few things I did today! 💦 Each work out I did 4/5 sets for 10-15 reps. The first one I did 10/10 of each movement so 20 reps all together for each set. I was dead by the time I finished that alone so I shortened it for the sake of getting to the point. (Plus I really almost fell over trying to do extra after finishing 4 sets). Also in the second vid I’m holding a pillow over my head to keep my arms straight for the lunges to isolate my legs more! 💲DISCOUNT 💲- KT10 for @sweetsweat 💦 💦
Yes I did burn my butt on here but @michaeldelpriore_photography made it look good 😂💕
She’s got lips that taste like......corn seasoning.
📸 Bts with @pedrorollejr right before getting in the hammock and totally wrecking myself 😂. Link in bio
Can’t wait to get back home and play around again, it’s been so long 😭⚽️ song: Small Worlds by Mac Miller
Maybe I’ll just miss my flight back tomorrow 🙃
Got my first tattoo yesterday. You think you can guess what it is ? 🙃Also happy birthday to the talented @michaeldelpriore_photography 📸
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