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Be patient enough for your 'eventually' because it will come. It always does. But most are not patient enough for it. They give up on their dreams/hustle before their 'eventually' comes. It took me 4 years to start making money on my blog and 14 years for my breakthrough. May yours not be that long and may you be patient enough to wait for it (of course after you've put in the work). All the best! ✌
Heart filled with gratitude to God for how far He's brought me and places He's taking me to. 💙 Photo @potterclayphotography
My cover for @businessdayng The CEO magazine out in newsstands this morning. ✌download the newspaper here to read my interview -
Shoot for @businessdayng The CEO magazine out today in newsstands. ✌
Enjoy life! No matter what, please try to enjoy your life. We have only one life to live. We get only one chance. You owe it to yourself to live as fully as possible. Enjoy life, live, and enjoy life some more! ✌ Wishing you all an amazing week filled with joy, breakthroughs, less troubles, and more blessings! 😘
Family is not an important thing. It's everything! ❤ #sisters
Left or right? 🤔🤔 #Rogervivier #Sergiorossi
Never doubt that you're valuable, powerful, deserving, smart, awesome and that you can do anything! 💙
Today's look! 😍😍
I could get used to this sneakers life! 😍😁
Mummy J! 😍😍
The fashion struggle is real...😏😏😂😂
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