Sly Stallone

@sistinestallone Smashing it down the middle! I’m definitely not playing her!
A stylized painting of @scarletstallone ... Love spending time with my children. Now I have to try to slow the other ones down so I can make an attempt at painting them! Not easy.
This is what it looks like up close, just beautiful, I am so proud to Have people that still enjoy this journey… #WBC
I would like to thank the president of the WORLD BOXING COUNCIL Mauricio Sulaiman and my great friend, Miguel Aleman Magnani for presenting me with this simply incredible 40th anniversary Rocky championship belt which I will treasure always!! What an honor from such a respected organization! #WBC #rockybalboa1976 #creed2
Another easy workout! You’re only as old as you and your joints feel!LOL
This is about as rare as it gets ... Riding a police horse Between takes duringRocky 2 ... #nick #rockybalboa
What you call taking a shortcut
One of my main movie idols, the great Kirkdouglas! At an AFI tribute dinner he Tells a funny story that I’ve almost forgotten about
While I was in Thailand scouting for the last Rambo I decided to join the local band ... for about 10 minutes. Love this guy!
The scene just before The last post…
@jasonstatham and my self watching a video playback of a big fight scene in Brazil Moments later a wack to the head ... A 3 Aspirin Day !
Feeling the BURN! I know it gets harder every year but hang in there, consider it a challenging hobby. This piece of equipment made by Synergy Fitness does it ALL! @synergyfitnessequipment @gunnarfitness #healthyfood # boxing #creed 2
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