Sly Stallone

Writer, director, actor , producer, horseman,painter, hyper, loving parent, husband.

Another one I like ... It is painted on top of the Rocky script that I cut into pieces and pasted on... The words mean a lot to me... #painting #rocky
... expressing myself through paint on a Sunday morning...
Enjoying a day at home ... hitting the road soon…#rambo @slystalloneshop
Leaving to start Rambo in about five days!! Even though I hate it , all Serious and balanced strength starts with the abs…Fire in the gut! @rambomovie @slystalloneshop @bradsiskind @gunnarfitness
Hang on ! Rambo will be saddling up soon!
To my long time friend Henry Winkler Who finally won his much deserved EMMY after 40 plus In the business! I vividly remember working with him on those cold streets in Brooklyn almost 47 years ago !!! He was a super talented class act then and even more of one now !!! #lordsofFlatbush
Sometimes you just have to hang onto your life by your fingertips and hope for the best !! @gunnarfitness @bradsiskind #cliffhanger @rambomovie
Hummmm @sophiastallone ... there is a slight resemblance.
“ ... Often The War going on inside the Mind is more brutal the one going on outside ..... Sometimes the most dangerous enemy you will ever face is yourself“. @rambomovie
My daughter SISTINE at the amazing gym RUMBLE in Los Angeles! She loved it! Proud of you! RUMBLE YOUNG LADY RUMBLE !!!@rumble_boxing
Getting ready for Rambo, Totally immersed in it! 100%. welcome to the jungle. @slystalloneshop #rambo @athleanx #healthylifestyle #mexico #heart @bradsiskind @gunnarfitness
Starting soon and getting very excited ... The world may be changing but not him. NOTHING IS OVER!
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