Sly Stallone

Writer, director, actor , producer, horseman,painter, hyper, loving parent, husband.

Thank you @pcstoys for this incredible life like Rambo tribute statue. It’s big , bad , and ready for action like Rambo 5
RARE photo of Rocky and his Grandson , Logan ... sort of resembles Adrian!
Getting a very dangerous picture !
Get more BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!!! …#rambo5
The words explain themselves…@gunnarfitness @bradsiskind #rambo5
“This is why you must stay in school, or use your head, and BE A THINKER NOT A STINKER.. “ Apollo said
Well, where I am unsuccessfully hiding from the camera during filming , even Rambo needs a break! @rambomovie
Ladies please check out @jenniferflavinstallone this WHOLE weekend on @evinelive … After 25 years she left the Home shopping network and moved to EVINE SHOPPING where they do things the old Fashion Way. Where the customer comes first!!! And the products are amazing too!
This is what you call BEING AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME ... that’s why everyone , everyday , has to battle against the odds to go the distance ...KEEP PUNCHING NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO QUIT...DON’T YOU EVER STOP MOVING FORWARD , STEP BY STEP!
This is how I handle my brothers @frank.stallone , Snoring problem. What do you think? Effective?
GREAT NIGHT with the family at The professional bull riding event @pbr In Los Angeles last night.
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