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How much weight would I lose if I dropped two sodas a day for a year? Hint: answer is on our website (check bio) was featured on Yahoo Finance today! Check it out here: Link is in bio too!
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Revolutionary MD-endorsed weight loss program that focuses on Lbs NOT calories. Try it free today! Website link in bio.
For the average person, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza = 64 Lbs/Yr. Learn the Lbs/Yr associated with everything you eat with a revolutionary MD-endorsed weight loss program today
2 slices of pepperoni pizza daily = 64 Lbs/year on your waistline. Who cares? You do! Learn the Lbs/year for everything that you eat today at
2 slices of pepperoni pizza daily = 64 Lbs/year. Who cares? You Do! Y-I-M-FAT, LLC
I heard that if you walk 1.5 miles you will burn your weight in calories. For example, if you weigh 200 Lbs and walk 1.5 miles, you will burn 200 calories. However, if you only weigh 100 Lbs, you will only burn 100 calories
Did you know that the average person’s heart pumps more than 100,000 times a day or 40 millions times a year. Over a lifetime that’s 3 billion beats! See
For the average person, switching from 8 oz of chicken to 8 oz of fish daily could lead to a weight loss of over 2 Lbs a month. reveals the fats of life
Everything being equal, if you weigh 150 Lbs you’d have to walk over 23 miles to lose a lb. You can do the same cutting out three cookies. tells it all!
Trivia: do you know what 100 calories is? Scientifically, it is the amount of heat needed to turn a 2.2 Lbs block of ice into steam. From a dieter’s perspective, it is the amount someone would have to stop eating daily to lose 8 to 12 Lbs. Source:
How long do you have to walk to burn off a piece of pepperoni pizza? See & think twice about pizza. In terms of time management, do you actually have time to eat pizza?
For the average person, switching from 8oz of steak to 8oz of chicken daily could lead to a weight loss of 32 Lbs over 12 months. tells it all!
Fact, for the average person, switching from a daily bread wrapped to a lettuce wrapped sandwich will lead to 16 lbs weight loss over a short 12 months. Source: #eatyourgreens
Happy Saturday everyone! Do you know how many more ounces of steak you would have to eat per day to gain 32 Lbs in 12 months? 4 is the answer. Look at for confirmation!
Did you know that if you play piano everyday for one hour, you will lose over 10% of your weight in a short 12 months? Look at to be sure!
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