🇵🇱 XOGVNG @jacobkowalski ❤️

my other half 👫
we’re alone together.
they said i couldn’t reach mars so i turned to a star.
you can find sunshine in the rain. ☀️
AND THEN ... i met you ! ❤️
blue skies forever.
everybody here wants you.
you are the one thing in my way.
you can change your mind, but you can’t forget her.
but you are, unforgettable.
you deserve the world and nothing less.
the best is yet to come.
Ooo been wishing for you.
hurts so good.
they ask me what's my best side; i stand back and point at you.
even if you don't see me, i see me with you.
i need you like waves need the ocean & the desert needs water.
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