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Your fave movie or series you’re watching at the minute? Want a new one to watch 😍👇🏽 . Full video on my YouTube, links in bio🎥 . Brows- @benefitcosmeticsuk precisely my brow and gel Mascara- @narsissist climax. Liner- @maccosmeticsuk (brow pen) shape and shade. Primer- @shophudabeauty @hudabeauty Concealer- @tartecosmetics shape tape fair. Powder- @maccosmeticsuk studio fix. Highlight- @ofracosmetics star island. Blush- @marcjacobsbeauty trio air blush. Bronzer- @prettylittlething . Lip liner- @hudabeauty Venus. Lipgloss- @anastasiabeverlyhills dainty. Setting spray- @urbandecaycosmetics all nighter. . #fentybeauty #kyliejenner #makeuptutorialsx0x #makeuptutorial #peachyqueenblog #slave2beauty #makeuponpoint #makeuponfleek #makeupjunkie #makeuptutorial #makeupclips #hudabeauty #fakupfix #fakeuproom #makegirlz #allmodernmakeup #motd #lipstick #tutorialesvideos
Apparently I thought this was a look back the 😂😂😂 anybody else use to have foundation lips & badly bleached hair?!😂 #10yearchallenge
What Depression Looks Like. On the left side all glammed up, smiling and looking clean. - Then on the right, bare face, dirty messy hair shoved in a bun, crying and sad eyes. Depression can look like both of these images, you can mask yourself to look happy and dolled up like nothing is getting to you but inside you feel like the right side. It’s so easy to cover up how you are feeling, it’s so easy to act differently to how you’re actually feeling its so easy to put a front on. When you see people online or in person you have no idea how they’re feeling or what they’re going through. On the right I look like this a lot, hair I haven’t washed for over a week, stress spots, not showered in a while, feeling down a lot. It’s so hard sometimes to wake myself up in the morning I just lay in bed not being bothered to get up and on with my day, the same with going to sleep i lay awake in bed till about 3-4am not being able to fall asleep, people call it lazy and it’s the people who don’t understand what it’s like. Not caring about my appearance or hygiene just shoving my dirty hair up saying I’ll wash it tomorrow then tomorrow comes and I don’t, crying randomly not knowing why I am, wearing the same clothes for the last few days, not tidying my work space or rooms letting the mess pile up and up and saying I’ll do that later on and never do. Forcing myself to work on the bad days which makes me not enjoy it certain days (which I do normally love). This post is to get across that people aren’t always as they seem, they could look like the left side but feel like the right side. Or could be the left side all the time sat at home. I wanted to show this in a way I love which is makeup. Makeup can mask how we feel so we don’t have to talk about it. Don’t give up it will get better. Mind: 0300 123 3393 if you want information, advice or someone to talk too. . #fentybeauty #kyliejenner #makeuptutorialsx0x #makeuptutorial #peachyqueenblog #slave2beauty #makeuponpoint #makeuponfleek #makeupjunkie #makeuptutorial #makeupclips #hudabeauty #fakupfix #fakeuproom #makegirlz #allmodernmakeup #motd #lipstick #tutorialesvideos
NEW VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE 🎥 . Are you full glam or minimal?👇🏽. Quick makeup tutorial without foundation?! Links in my bio or search Gee Box to see what I use, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll be commenting back 😘❤️ . 😜 #fentybeauty #kyliejenner #makeuptutorialsx0x #makeuptutorial #peachyqueenblog #slave2beauty #makeuponpoint #makeuponfleek #makeupjunkie #makeuptutorial #makeupclips #hudabeauty #fakupfix #fakeuproom #makegirlz #allmodernmakeup #motd #lipstick #tutorialesvideos
Tag your fave artists on here I want some new ones to follow😍💄 . Recreation- @abbyrobertsartistry @jamescharles 😍 Brows- @benefitcosmeticsuk KaBrow 5. Lashes- @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty Naomi. Shadow base- @plouise_makeup_academy @plouise1 Shadows- @certifeye dynasty palette. Mascara- @toofaced better than sex. Liner- @morphebrushes Wingmen liquid liner. Moisturiser- @tatcha the silk cream. Base- @fentybeauty 200. Concealer- new @fentybeauty pro filt’r 190. Powder- @fentybeauty pro filt’r Butter. Highlight- @ofracosmetics Space Baby. Blush- @nyxcosmetics_uk coraline. Bronzer- @makeuprevolution wardrobe. Lipstick- @fentybeauty uninvited. Setting spray- @urbandecaycosmetics all nighter. #makeup #brows #abhcosmetics #toofaced #urbandecay #motd #hudabeauty #shophudabeauty #norvina #kyliejenner #morphebabe #morphebrushes #nikkietutorials #blendtherules #kokocollection #plouise #fentybeauty #profiltrconcealer
If you can spell your name out each letter in the comments without getting interrupted Ill give some a shout out 😏😜 . Love the Korean lipstick application so thought I’d give it a try, my first time so be kind 😜 . Lipgloss- @anastasiabeverlyhills Concealer- @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty over acheiver 00. Brushes- @bhcosmetics @spectrumcollections . Thanku @bellejorden for the editing inspo and help 😍😏 . #makeuptutorialsx0x #linerandbrowsss #eyeliner #morphebabe #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #makeupartistsworldwide #makeupvideoss #1minutemakeup #make4glam #abhcosmetics #wamfam #toofaced #shophudabeauty #urbandecay #nyxcosmetics_uk #nyxcosmetics #kkwbeauty #kkwxmario
How many makeup free days do you have a week?😜 they’re my fave 😜 . It’s good to remember not everyone you seen online looks like that in real life, makeup is amazing and it does such great things but I see people saying they wish they had skin like someone’s they’ve seen on Instagram or wish they had perfect brows like someone else and most one said they wish they had someone’s body they’ve seen online, life feels like a beauty pageant you never signed up for. I love makeup so much but yeah, sometimes I Facetune I mean who doesn’t hahahaha. But when I don’t have makeup on I have marks on my skin, scars, sometimes spots and dark circles just depends on the days. Sometimes it can look worse than other days and so many people will be the same. We only seem to put the most perfect things online and that’s when we start thinking wow should I be looking like that? I do it a lot but we’ve got to remember people won’t normally show their down days, their bad skin days, their not feeling good enough days on instagram. We’ve got to remember social media can’t make us think like this and remember who we are and how that’s okay, everyone has their own insecurities so be kind!! ❤️ (Ps Brows are just tinted)
Tag someone you want to travel with!❤️👇🏽 . Looking through pictures and found this one of me and Saff @saffronbarker from Sweden 😩 loved this trip!❄️
Comment your recent 3 emojis👇🏽 mine are 😂🙊🎄 hehe. . Jumpsuit- @houseofcb Clips- @deluxechokers Tan- @drippinggoldtan_ Wig- @zee.elle Foundation- @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty baklava Highlight- @nyxcosmetics_uk Born to glow | chosen one. Lips- @kyliecosmetics pumpkin & glitz. #motd
Who has watched Bird Box?! What was your fave part?🐦🎞 . Thought I’d try recreate the special edition Bird Box book cover by @joshmalerman since I loved it so much! 🙊➡️ I hope my kids are as cute as boy & girl 😩 . Paint- @nyxcosmetics_uk sfx cremes. Foundation- @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty baklava. Bronzer- @makeuprevolution bronzer wardrobe. Brows- @benefitcosmeticsuk precisely my brow 4. Wig- @annabelles_wigs #birdbox #netflix
NEW VIDEO NOW LIVE ON MY YOUTUBE🎥 it’s a first impression of this foundation and it’s £5?! Omg! Can’t you guess which it is?😜 links in my bio to watch the full video or just search Gee Box 🎥❤️
Still cute tho😜👶🏼 . Happy new year everyone! What have you been up to today?🥂🎇. I found this little picture of me and awww look at them little cheeks 😱😂
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