Orange is the New Black

Every sentence is a story. A Netflix Original Series, Season 6 now streaming. #OITNB

Orange Army Poll - What do you love most? The topics covered on OITNB or the characters that portray them? Full Episode with the link in bio!
The original 💩 mystery via @tayjschilling. #fbf #oitnb
Hey, we all come from different walks of life. What have you learned from OITNB? Full episode in the link in bio.
🎃 is the new black. 📸 via @mslauragomez. #happyhalloween #oitnb
Would it really be #OITNB without the chicken? Full episode in the link in bio!
Okay now this is 🔥. What’s your favorite Taystee moment? Peep the first episode of our FB Watch series via link in bio.
Red lip, winged eye, can’t lose. #tbt via @yaelstone. #oitnb
Surprise, boo! “The Making of OITNB” begins tomorrow only on Facebook Watch. Link in bio.
“Thank you and bye” 🎥 via @thecrusher007. #oitnb
Warning: This may make you cry. The Final Season, 2019. #oitnb
Aleida is in the building! 📸 via @theonlyelizabethrodriguez. #oitnb #bts
🍉🤓💍 #tbt via @lauraprepon. #oitnb
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