🌴Travel and lifestyle blogger 📽Photographer/Filmmaker oliverjaibusiness@gmail.com 📍Next stop: Bali, Indonesia

Looking back on my older content, I realised my style and inspiration for my content has changed quite dramatically. There are archived photos from way back in college which to me doesn’t reflect the quality of work I now like to produce. Progressing my portfolio and content on here I want to show vibrance, through colours and the worlds natural beauty, both with photo and video ☀️🌴 I want to up my interaction on this platform on story’s and publish short video content from wherever I may be heading 🤙🏼 Live every moment!
Taking it back to the old town of Prague, mixing it up from the Bali posts! 🌴 Currently working on short instagram videos and launching my YouTube channel @prague.today
Amazing sunrise along the ridge walk last week 🌴 Falling in love with this place... Taken with the @polarpro #CinemaSeries ND4.
Living every moment out here in Bali 🌴 Pretty much spent the past two weeks on a scooter traveling to different destinations, cant wait for the next week based in Canggu ☀️
Magical waterfalls ⛰ Stoked to be exploring Bali for the next three weeks! Is it on your bucket list?
Life update: So I finished University for 5 months? Time to hit the content hard! Planning on making the most of this Summer ☀️ Also recently invested in a drone, let me know what you think of the photo 😜 Comment below!!
As I wrote the previous caption for this photo I heard in news that Avicii sadly passed away. Such a talented musician and a big influencer of mine and to many others in the creative industry ❤️ RIP man #Avicii
Spontaneous 5 hour drive down to Dorset the other day ☀️ Counting down the weeks until Bali this Summer 🤙🏼
Nothing like these treasure spots whilst wandering down the back streets of Prague ☀️✨
Standing in front of the Powder Tower in the middle of winter in only a t-shirt wasn’t the best idea ❄️😜 Stunning architecture 🤙🏼
Sun flares and warm weather ☀️ bring on summer...
Can’t wait for Summer time again, warm weather, good times ☀️
Spending the past few days exploring Prague 🛩 Back in my comfort zone traveling to new destinations! Where’s next on your bucket list? 🤙🏼
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🏔🤙🏼 Prague trip planned for the upcoming month, any recommendations?
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