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Back in the UK for a while 🇬🇧 Lucky enough to have had a great summer visiting new places and making memories 🙏🏼
Banyumala Waterfall ✨ Probably my favourite waterfall out in Bali! A natural pool at the bottom surrounded by the jungle 🌴 ——————————————————— I’m going to giveaway my Lightroom preset! Spam 🌴🌴🌴 In the comments for a chance to win! Will announce the winner on my story!!
The sun dropped behind Mount Agung and the sky lit up 🔥 Been pretty busy over the past week and a half shooting at Creamfields and hopping on a plane to Portugal! Excited and motivated to be back on the grind 😝
Chasing sunsets in my home country before heading off to two new places next month 🇬🇧☀️
Bit of a break from the Bali uploads, but I’m back in Manchester for a few weeks before heading off on new adventures 🏙Thanks for all the support on the Bali video, appreciate everything ❤️ Link in my bio if you haven’t checked it out already! Also @mnml.la hooking us up with the amazing denim! You can use code “OLLIE10” to get 10% off orders...
So here it is! The full Bali video... The link to the video is in my bio, or alternatively you can swipe up on my most recent story 😄 I’ve been working hard this past month, trying to finish this video in time for today. Film is a true passion of mine. My aim with this media type, and my YouTube channel, is to share experiences with others, inspire people and to generally live every moment you have 🌴 With @zhiyun_tech Full credit goes to the artists in this track: Arizona Electric Touch (Midnight Kids Remix) @thisisarizonamusic @usmidnightkids
Early mornings riding through the hills of Bali ✨ 2 hours on a scooter at 4am, followed by these beautiful scenes makes it all worth while 🙏🏼
So for a while now I’ve wanted to start making YouTube content. My trip to Bali was my a perfect opportunity to create some content. This Tuesday (31st) my Bali film will be live on my YouTube channel 🌴 Here are some short clips to preview what is to come... @usmidnightkids
About a month ago now, we were invited to the @mundukmodingplantation to spend the day exploring their hotel. We were greeted by this stunning infinity pool, friendly staff and great coffee✨ A collaborative edit from @jpeg_v1
Last light at Mount Agung from the temple 🌋 Waiting for a break in the clouds! Crazy to think this erupted a week after we came home...
Taking it back to the old town of Prague, mixing it up from the Bali posts! 🌴 Currently working on short instagram videos and launching my YouTube channel @prague.today
As I wrote the previous caption for this photo I heard in news that Avicii sadly passed away. Such a talented musician and a big influencer of mine and to many others in the creative industry ❤️ RIP man #Avicii
Sun flares and warm weather ☀️ bring on summer...