I work with artists... sometimes. 📽Photographer/Filmmaker oliver@oliverjai.com 📍Manchester My design collaboration with @thatoneblondkid ⬇️

Late nights in Paris 🌤 Some of you may have seen my story recently with the launch of a project that I’ve been working on with @thatoneblondkid over the past few months! We’ve been back and forth between emails designing merch! Im stoked that it’s finally come to life, you can check it out via the link in my bio 🔥 Let me know what you think in the comments...
So for a while now I’ve been involved in the music scene, its always been limited to my portfolio on my website however I’ve wanted to start sharing some of it on here. Putting some of my footage together from a while ago I produced this short recap. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot some amazing events and festivals in the UK, this is just the start ❤️ Credit to @awb.photo with the tasty drone clip and @justincarusomusic on the track 🤙🏼
Moments like this in Paris ❤️ Can’t wait to get back on a plane somewhere! Prague and Iceland in the next few months 😝 ...Also you might wanna keep an eye out for a few big projects over this month 😉
Taking it back to this beautiful spot in Bali, it was crazy busy down here but a beautiful spot 🌿 Note: take spare shoes when heading down here 😜
Obligatory birthday post 🤦🏼‍♂️ 21st Birthday today... Am I considered old now? Thanks for all the support over the years, we’re only just getting started! Big projects to come, meeting new friends and making memories 🍻🍾
So a couple of weeks back I got to explore Paris for a few days 🇫🇷 Stoked to be bringing more video content to the platform! Let me know if you’ve ever been👇🏼 Song: How It Goes - @neutralsays
5 Days in Paris 🇫🇷 A city I’ve always wanted to explore! The week treated us to amazing weather and unforgettable sunsets ☀️ @canonuk #liveforthestory
Back in the UK for a while 🇬🇧 Lucky enough to have had a great summer visiting new places and making memories 🙏🏼
Banyumala Waterfall ✨ Probably my favourite waterfall out in Bali! A natural pool at the bottom surrounded by the jungle 🌴 ——————————————————— I’m going to giveaway my Lightroom preset! Spam 🌴🌴🌴 In the comments for a chance to win! Will announce the winner on my story!!
The sun dropped behind Mount Agung and the sky lit up 🔥 Been pretty busy over the past week and a half shooting at Creamfields and hopping on a plane to Portugal! Excited and motivated to be back on the grind 😝
Chasing sunsets in my home country before heading off to two new places next month 🇬🇧☀️
Bit of a break from the Bali uploads, but I’m back in Manchester for a few weeks before heading off on new adventures 🏙Thanks for all the support on the Bali video, appreciate everything ❤️ Link in my bio if you haven’t checked it out already! Also @mnml.la hooking us up with the amazing denim! You can use code “OLLIE10” to get 10% off orders...
So here it is! The full Bali video... The link to the video is in my bio, or alternatively you can swipe up on my most recent story 😄 I’ve been working hard this past month, trying to finish this video in time for today. Film is a true passion of mine. My aim with this media type, and my YouTube channel, is to share experiences with others, inspire people and to generally live every moment you have 🌴 With @zhiyun_tech Full credit goes to the artists in this track: Arizona Electric Touch (Midnight Kids Remix) @thisisarizonamusic @usmidnightkids
So for a while now I’ve wanted to start making YouTube content. My trip to Bali was my a perfect opportunity to create some content. This Tuesday (31st) my Bali film will be live on my YouTube channel 🌴 Here are some short clips to preview what is to come... @usmidnightkids
About a month ago now, we were invited to the @mundukmodingplantation to spend the day exploring their hotel. We were greeted by this stunning infinity pool, friendly staff and great coffee✨ A collaborative edit from @jpeg_v1
Last light at Mount Agung from the temple 🌋 Waiting for a break in the clouds! Crazy to think this erupted a week after we came home...
Taking it back to the old town of Prague, mixing it up from the Bali posts! 🌴 Currently working on short instagram videos and launching my YouTube channel @prague.today
Amazing sunrise along the ridge walk last week 🌴 Falling in love with this place... Taken with the @polarpro #CinemaSeries ND4.
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