Elizabeth Lindsey

Brunching Babes @tahamont @p0ppies @ruffrom
Weekending done right album1 @contrerascrew @tahamont @ruffrom @p0ppies
Only bouquet I ever need.
Wharf to wharf with @tahamont
Momma's peonies
Lake afternoon #littleyellow
Found a commute companion for today's ride home 😄
Eagerly awaiting Esther Perel. #estherperel
Morning walk on the bay. So grateful to have pto when I need it. #haywardshoreline #dogwalk
Adulthood is being excited by new closets.
Listening to @bryansafi and @gibblertron crack each other up is a soothing balm for this lady who's just trying to get through her own heavy flow. #tspod #throwingshade
My dream is to live in a #chihulyglass wonderland. Currently selling all possessions to afford one piece. Donations accepted 😆
Late dindin last night at my new favourite restaurant. Art everywhere you look. Best fries ever. Best gf burgerbunssssss (good pics are from Eric's phone 😒) #seattle #gflife #latergram #mcmenamins
So Kali and I see this guy on our morning walks in the townhome community a lot. He seems nice enough, but I've never told him which unit was ours and I never go through my front door, always use the back which means I go into a parking lot off the street. So somehow he figured out which house was mine to drop off these lovely homegrown veggies. I'm right to be creeped out, right? Also, it's amazing how many people still talk to you when you're wearing headphones! What happened to ignoring each other like decent human beings?! #creepedout #overreacting #freshveggies #homegardening
Lunch at Simply Thai, love the decor.
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