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so it was me and my bebe’s 4 months yesterday and let me just let y’all know we GOOD baby 🥰❤️ we in love and allllaatt thank you ahah , i love you my bestfriend , my world , my baby!
hey i’m freezing wbu
:( i just need love
even through our worst times i’ll love you forever, i just wanna b in your arms where i feel the most comfortable and the most at home.
i can’t wait for christmas i’m spoiling tffff outta my mans😍😚🌹
a little reminder for your day/night. ❤️
as basic as it may sound i’m beyond thankful for my boyfriend. you do so much to keep me happy and always motivate me to do better. i love you so so much. 🖤🌹
bro i used to always be filled w laughter haha 😂i need friends to hang out w sometimes so if ur a loner too let’s b fwienndss
well one of my biggest insecurities is my voice actually.. and i’m here to post this snippet of me trying to conquer my fear of my biggest critic .. myself , haha, but God gave me a voice so i may as well embrace what i may lack but want to improve. embrace your insecurities, be confident ,
if only you knew how much happiness it brings just to be able to know you’re my boy. God knows how thankful i am for the blessing of having you in my life. 🖤
update : i’m dying ahaha, so sick guys 🤧sorry i’ve been lagging on content , i promise some good stuff is coming ur way
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