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Come join our team of professionally trained and certified marine biologists in the water to snorkel and study sharks without a cage. #oneoceandiving

@oneoceanglobal ambassador @lauracorbe enjoying some #OceanYoga while representing @oneoceandesigns wearable art featuring photos by @juansharks with the anti microbial Great White Silhouette towel! This photo was shot in the clear blue waters off Guadalupe, Mexico which cofounders @oceanramsey and @juansharks migrate to annually to document white sharks and support ongoing research projects in the area to better understand and protect them. We love sharing our passion for sharks and the marine life with you all, and are grateful to everyone that chooses to shop for a cause, helping to raise awareness and appreciation for marine conservation efforts. Check out @lauracorbe @andycorbe for more stunning photography and to follow their travels. If you’re interested in picking up a towel for yourself or a fellow shark lover for the holidays go to and click shop! Photo by @andycorbe ____________ Want to learn more? Check us out at & JOIN US in the water  in #Hawaii on #Oahu ’s #NorthShore to #SwimWithSharks and #DiveWithSharksInHawaii with a @OneOceanDiving trained #MarineBiologist / #SharkSafetyDiver #HelpSaveSharks #savesharks #itstheirocean #apexpredatornotmonster #finbannow #stopfinning Check out our #Shark and #MarineResearch @OneOceanResearch and our #Education outreach program @OneOceanEducation #LearnAboutSharks and our Non-Profit @WaterInspired conservation group and Founders: @Juansharks and @oceanramsey Want to join the team? Become a @OneOceanGlobal Ambassador Looking to support in other ways? Check out our not-for-profit marine conservation awareness apparel and gifts @OneOceanDesigns or at Mahalo and Thank you for Supporting #InternationalSharkProject #HawaiiSharkCount #SharkResearch #Ocean #OneOcean #SaveTheOcean #SaveSharks #HelpSaveSharks #OceanConservation #SharkConservation #Artivism #foracause
Did you know that consuming sharks and shark products can be hazardous for human consumption? ☠️ As top level predators sharks bio accumulate heavy metals and toxins which are transferred to consumers when ingested. This is particularly worrisome considering how often seafood is mislabeled meaning many people may be completely unaware. Know where your food comes from and choose to be a conscious consumer! #Repost @kennaaloha out with @oneoceandiving ・・・ Are you eating sharks without even knowing it? 😨 Shark meat, as you might’ve heard, is actually TOXIC 🤢. So it’s neither kind, sustainable, nor healthy to eat sharks. But you’d be surprised how often other types of seafood is actually shark meat in disguise! Shark meat can be labeled under these names:⠀ ⠀ Flake, Huss, Dogfish, Grayfish, Cazon, Steakfish, Sea Ham, Sea Eel, Whitefish, Lemon Fish, Cape Steak, Rock Salmon, Smoked Rock Salmon, Smoked Dogfish, Rigg, Gummy, Sea Ham, Sokomoro, and Ocean Filet (to name a few)⠀ ⠀ (and these are only the English names! If you speak a different language, look up online what the “disguise shark names” are in your country or region!) ⠀ ⠀ Please make sure you’re not eating shark! 🦈 These animals are seriously so beautiful and intelligent, and sadly, their populations have been on a rapid decline. So choose another option (extra points if it’s a vegan meal ;)) instead! We seriously take them for granted, but we need to do whatever we can to help save these incredible living beings before it’s too late ❤️🙏🏽
Awesome photo of a #SandbarShark taken on a recent tour captured by @blaze_parsons ! We survey shark populations year round here at our natural shark aggregation site off the north shore of Oahu, and see seasonal shifts in the species present throughout the year. As we head into winter we are expecting to see more Sandbars and are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of humpback whales which can regularly be spotted in the area as well! Every dive is different so we never know what may decide to show up, we hope a Tiger makes an appearance for your next dive with us Blaze! 🤙🏽🦈 ___________ #Repost @blaze_parsons ・・・ One day I’ll get to see a Tiger but for now I’m happy with these not so little fellas ____________ Want to learn more? Check us out at & JOIN US in the water  in #Hawaii on #Oahu ’s #NorthShore to #SwimWithSharks and #DiveWithSharksInHawaii with a @OneOceanDiving trained #MarineBiologist / #SharkSafetyDiver #HelpSaveSharks #savesharks #itstheirocean #apexpredatornotmonster #finbannow #stopfinning Check out our #Shark and #MarineResearch @OneOceanResearch and our #Education outreach program @OneOceanEducation #LearnAboutSharks and our Non-Profit @WaterInspired conservation group and Founders: @Juansharks and @oceanramsey Want to join the team? Become a @OneOceanGlobal Ambassador Looking to support in other ways? Check out our not-for-profit marine conservation awareness apparel and gifts @OneOceanDesigns or at Mahalo and Thank you for Supporting #InternationalSharkProject #HawaiiSharkCount #SharkResearch #Ocean #OneOcean #SaveTheOcean #SaveSharks #HelpSaveSharks #OceanConservation #SharkConservation
No act is too small when it comes to caring for our 🌍. Take the time to look around today and see how you can help! #Repost @kennaaloha ・・・ We view ourselves as the most dominant and intelligent species on Earth, yet we’re virtually the only species that blindly destroys and exploits our own environment; the one that we so heavily rely on for survival. That considered, we don’t seem that intelligent to me... 🤔😐 We’re supposed to be ✨caretakers✨ of the planet when, in reality, we’re the ones who “take care” the least 💔 So until we actually leave the planet alone/take only what we need instead of sucking it dry of all of its vital resources, we must remain humble and mindful in our position of power. “Ruling the world” doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want. It means that we have a much bigger role and responsibility on this planet. We are a part of creation. a PART. Therefore, we must see beyond our own livelihoods so we can then see the value of others’ livelihoods as well. After all, we’re all connected. 🌎🌍🌏
Even though they may not be the target species, the green sea turtle’s largest threat is the fishing industry. Unlike most marine creatures that call the ocean home, the green sea turtle is an air breathing reptile. Meaning that after each dive it must return to the surface to breathe before it can dive again. Fishing gear often entangles these animals and drowns them as a result (Hardcastle). This accidental catch is hugely contributing to the decline in sea turtle population. A female turtle will travel hundreds of miles to return to the beach where she was born. Once there she will dig a nest and lay her eggs. Sadly, only 1 in 100 of those eggs will survive and reach maturity (Hardcastle). Protecting these precious nests and being responsible while fishing has never been more important! These beautiful animals are worth defending. Post By: @kali_marino25 Picture By: @kali_marino25 #savethesea #seaturtle #conservation #oneocean #worthfightingfor #savesharks #livealoha
Life’s perfect underwater especially in these @oneoceandesigns pieces! Check out these Ocean Yoga leggings on our NEW store site and remember Thanksgiving is around the corner so be on the lookout for awesome sales drifting your way! #Repost @oceanramsey ・・・ Life’s perfect underwater 💙 Photo by ❤️@juansharks Yoga pants by @oneoceandesigns #foracause #underwater #thepowerofnow #liquid #ocean #oceanramsey #savetheocean #oneoceanglobal #oneoceandesigns #design #underwaterlove
Shark populations have been decreasing rapidly in recent decades and doing our part to conserve what’s left is more important now than ever. Co-founders @oceanramsey & @juansharks have witnessed the decline personally through the years in their backyard. Check out below how you can learn more on shark conservation and how you can support the people who are making an effort to create lasting change. #Repost @juansharks ・・・ This is what our oceans should look like when we go underwater.  What is crazy to me is how far u have to travel now to find places not impacted from humans.  I have been diving this particular pass for the last 10 years with @oceanramsey and even though it could be  one of the most remote islands in the world I have seen less and less sharks here ever year.  With that said u can still see 100s of sharks but one of my 1st dives here u could dive with thousands.  I’m not mention the location with hopes of  protecting it from further human impacts.  #helpsavesharks #stopsharkfishing   #stopsharkfinsoup   excited to hear SharkWater2 is now playing in selected theaters in the US.  Can’t wait to see how @teamsharkwater and friends finished Robs film.  A True Hero for #sharks . If u haven’t watched Shark Water go watch and check the the sequel I’m sure it is going to be epic.  #schools #sharks #happyplace #healthy #ocean photo by #juanoliphant #juansharks
Here on Oahu, we have a unique population of #SandbarSharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus). The population here on island happens to be one of the few sandbar populations in the world that is not overly exploited for human consumption. Where as sandbar sharks elsewhere in world are high on the list for exploitation and are “heavily harvested” (Daly-Engel et al. 2011). Due to the relatively stable population in Hawaii and the level of vulnerability the species holds elsewhere, the Hawaiian population of sandbars is a valuable resource for research. In studies based on the local population, it has been discovered that the sandbar species of shark is capable of “multiple paternities” (Daly-Engel et al. 2006). In other words, female sandbar can receive sperm from more than one male and use both resources to fertilize her eggs. This poses many questions in the relm of shark conservation because it may or may not hinder a species’ ability to maintain a good amount of genetic diversity with continuously declining populations (Chapman et al. 2004). Post by @clairestrand Photo by @juansharks Via @oneoceanresearch
Never an expectation, but always a hope, to see a tiger shark 💙 Although tiger shark season is closing out, whale season is starting, and we’re hoping we have the chance to hear them singing underwater soon while we continue swimming with sharks!  #Repost @nataliekparra ・・・ Three tiger sharks and one whale shark 😊❤️. Thank you @lau_z_foto for this photo of the most amazing day with @oceanramsey @juansharks aboard @oneoceandiving ! #ApexPredatorNotMonster #DontFearSharksFearForThem 🌊 Say no to #sharkfinsoup #sharksonsand #sharkfishing #longlinefishing #sharktacos #ocsharkhunter #lbsf #sharksanglers #sharkcartilage #squalene products. @oneoceanconservation @keiko_conservation. All wearing @xcelwetsuits designed by @oneoceandesigns and @cressi1946 dive gear 🙌. #oneoceandiving #waterinspired #keikoconservation #sharkidmoana
Mahalo, @jennagranitto , for joining us on shark dive and for putting together this video of your experience! We’re happy that you got to see some of our Galapagos sharks and get to observe some of their various behaviors, too—including that last clip where one individual had taken a particular interest in a leaf drifting on the surface! ~ It’s always exciting to find out what we’re going to see and experience on each dive! If you’re interested in not only seeing sharks in person, in the wild, in a respectful environment, as well as interested in learning a bit about shark physiology, safety, and conservation, we’d love to have you aboard!! 💙🦈 #savesharks #helpsavesharks
If you’re out on the boat with us, you might hear our crew call out the names of some of our shark individuals like “Curly Girl”, “Egghead”, and “Harry Potter”. This isn’t to take away from giving them the full respect that deserve!! We do this more to help us track individuals as well as the shark populations. 💙🦈 If you’re interested in learning about our individuals that you’ve seen on your dive or ones you’ll possibly see on your dive with us, check out @oneoceansharks ! ・・・ Can anyone ID the bottom *female* Galapagos?? Who we have on the top of the frame is #sharkIDGillpocket a male Galapagos shark with a strange round lump on his gills on the right side as well as the cut seen here just behind his dorsal fin. Two OG sharks! Photo by @nate_smith_
It brings us so much joy to share our love of sharks with you all on our @oneoceandiving charters! It brings us even more joy when you share YOUR experience with others. A big mahalo to Sophia for coming out on a dive with us and spreading the stoke on sharks! 🤙🏽 #Repost @soph.meyer88 ・・・ Thank you @oneoceandiving for an amazing experience (GoPro footage coming soon), and for showing people that sharks are not what the media portrays them to be. Today I swam with 15 sharks without a cage. 70-100 million sharks are killed every year mostly for shark fin soup. #savesharks #oceanconservation #oneoceandiving
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