ɹolʎɐ⊥ xʎuO 💋

Arizona📍 black italian filipino 🎓BS Biology snapchat: onyxxtaylor

black wardrobe 🖤 Colorful soul 🌈
Follow me down the rabbit hole 🕳
Enjoy the ride ❄️
Life is a trip man. So many lefts and rights, ups and downs, but in the midst of it all, I can’t stress enough how important it is to be humble and grateful for the life you have. ✨
Rolling Loud LA 🖤; (& bad placement to be in mid laughter)
Take my hand, let’s fly away.
Issa pool pahhhty 💦 fun day and a little clip from BIJOU - super phat ft Ushiqute. 🏠🎵
Somedays are best spent getting spa treatments and sipping margaritas at the rooftop pool wearing your robe in complete solitude.
Memories are the stars that brighten our dreams✨
keep it pushin’
Parental Advisory ☠️
maybe I’m not your speed
nice, until I’m not
🛁 got you covered
The world is full of colors you haven’t begun to see.
I never met a strong person with an easy past.
A woman who handles herself well, and handles you better. 👽
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