ɹolʎɐ⊥ xʎuO 💋

Arizona📍 black italian filipino 🎓BS Biology snapchat: onyxxtaylor

something about scorpio women
we all start as strangers. sometimes we end the same way.
regret in your tears 💋
light is easy to love, show me your darkness 🥀
she acts like summer & walks like rain
Switched up (meaning vodka, instead of my usual tequila)
be my peace, I got enough pain 🌻
be the exception
love her, but leave her wild
treat her like a trophy
praying for a tan ☀️
There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this
🥂 Drip drip 💧
Catch my attention
Nice for what
✨ Get your Glow up ☀️
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