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I am OolaWoman! I share my OolaLife in the hopes that it might Bless & Enrich your Life ~ Find me in “Oola For Women”, by Dave Braun & Troy Amdahl

These words have become my mission statement... ~~~~ May you be blessed this Sacred Sunday! 💕🙏🏻 ~~~~ Xo OolaWoman ~~~~ #oolawoman #oola #oolalife #begratefulandhavefaith #attitudeofgratitude #grateful #liveoola
Sweet and simple... ~ Be Grateful and Have Faith ~ Xo OolaWoman ~ #oolawoman #oola #oolalife #begratefulandhavefaith #attitudeofgratitude #grateful #livingmyoolalife
Just in case you forgot... Xo OolaWoman ~ #oolawoman #begratefulandhavefaith #oolalife #oola #liveoola #1of42 #oolaforwomen
We Remember... ~ #oola #grateful #rememberenceday
I was stuck in a rut... too much of “life” was getting deeper than I should have let it. Doesn’t matter where it was originating from, it was toxic and I began to lose myself in it. I literally could feel my “spark” diminishing... going out. ~ Something else was the impetus for this “ah ha” moment... my dinning room actually, of all things! ~ You just never know what will be used to get your attention that something is out of balance, something has robbed your joy... even your spark. ~ So may be take a moment and see if the person looking back at you in the mirror, is the “real” you, or is it someone who is hiding the real you. Be bold, be Brave and BE YOU! ~ We don’t need clones of everyone else, this world needs YOU! ~ See even those of us living Oola have our moments... the lesson is to learn and then remember “where you are is just where you are... it’s not Who you are”! Then as a good friend of mine told me... “get your big girl pants on” and do what you need to do to get back on track! ~ Xo OolaWoman ~ #oolawoman #oola #livingmyoolalife #liveoola #oolalife #feelinglikemeagain #transformations #gotmyspark
#oolafitness ~ Not where I want to be... but not where I was... one year later and Grateful I can see the difference! ~ Slow and steady wins the race! ~ Xo OolaWoman 💕 ~ #oolawoman #livingmyoolalife #liveoola #oola #oolalife
My sweet Sister in the Lord has beautifully expressed her passion and purpose! ~ If you don’t already follow @oolamom here on IG, please do! She also has a FB page called Touching Hearts Jewelry! ~ Kris is passionate about encouraging others to walk with God... she has found “her” way of reaching out to share a message of Love! ~ I am so blessed to have upwards of 14 pieces of her stunning and meaningful wearable works of art!💕 ~ #Repost @oolamom with @get_repost ・・・ I’m so grateful I’m finally figuring out what to do with all these pieces I’ve made or continue to make💕 With those of you who just recently started following me, I wanted to share a little bit more about me💕 I married the guy that chased me around the playground in kindergarten💕 We started dating in high school...broke up a few times...then got married when we were 23💕 I have four amazing kids(2 boys and 2 girls), a sweet daughter in-law and a “soon to be” kind hearted son in-law💕 I have this page to share pics of faith, family, nature and jewelry⛏⚒🔨 I hope that by gifting pieces of my art to you, you will be moved to want to have a deeper relationship with God🙏🏻 I am a baby Christian always wanting to know more💕Have a wonderful day💕#mymissionstatement #handmadejewelry #oolafaith #oola #christianjewelry #jewelrygiveaway #artistsoninstagram
#oolafun at its finest! ~ My oldest girl and I attended a PaintNite fundraiser tonight! ~ We hadn’t done something like this in a very long time. It will be something I remember for a very long time! I loved the dinner out before the painting. I loved all the other participants and the energy they brought to the night. I loved painting... forgot just how much I love painting and hadn’t done it in years!!! ~ But what made tonight so special was the time spent with just my girl! She is a very busy Mum of three wee ones... the youngest turning four tomorrow! ~ So not the eve of prepping for a four-year olds birthday, my girl goes out to a PaintNite with her Ol Mum! How amazing is she?!! ~ Feeling very loved right now! ~ Xo OolaWoman ~ #oolawoman #livingmyoolalife #liveoola #oola #oolalife #daughters #blessed #feelingloved #paintnite #pubfood #mothersanddaughters
Who can’t help but smile looking at this adorable planter while being stuck with a needle? ~ Part of my #oolafitness is making sure this Ol 55 year old is around for as long as the Good Lord sees fit! So working with my Doctor, we have decided to get a baseline of where my health is right now. Starting with all possible blood work (6 tubes worth!), X-rays of my hands and feet to look for markers of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), including a few other test, not to be discussed in polite company! 😳 ~ And although many folks don’t believe in the Flu Shot - for me it is a matter of life and death, so no monkeying around with it - I got my annual flu shot also yesterday! ~ Although I feel like a “pin cushion” and a bit done “once over” - I am so grateful for our modern medicine and my doctors ability and willingness to be proactive and not just reactive! ~ I simply love my doctor, as she sees us in a partnership to maintain my health! She has always supported my desire to use “non-prescription” methods of finding resolutions to what “ails” me. ~ I’m determined to have my health, wellness and fitness be a priority for the rest of my life, but 2019 there will be a concerted effort to ensure, not only that I am around for a while longer, but that the quality of my health matches the longevity of my life! I want both, quality and quantity! (Lord willing!) ~ So what are you doing NOW to ensure your wellness, on ALL levels, for your best possible future? ~ Xo OolaWoman 💕 ~ #oolawoman #oolawomen #livingmyoolalife #oola #oolalife #liveoola #oolafitness #health #fitness #livelongandprosper #greatdoctor
Tuesdays are OolaDays for me... it means I have committed Tuesdays to sharing and teaching Oola! I live my OolaLife EVERY single day! ~ My OolaPlanner has been supporting my OolaJourney for a year now! I was so blessed to have been part of the OolaPlanner Focus Group, working with my sweet friend Marie aka the @oolaplanner creator! ~ I love how I can transfer all my OolaDreams and OolaGoals from my OolaPalooza work book! ~ I’m priming for OolaPalooza 2018 and reviewing all my goals from last year! I have two months to achieve the few that are remaining! ~ Check out my Oola “surfboard” from OP 2017... Five... count em! Five of my OolaSeven were for OolaField for 2018! Am I’m “retired”!! ~ Today I am talking “next chapter”!! ~ Many folks who follow me on social media are in the same stage in life as I am! ~ So what does Oola look like for a person retired, or nearing retirement... in a word “full” and satisfying... okay that was two words! ~ I have loved being able to explore who I am, where I see my life is going in the next 5 or even 10 years, without carving anything into stone... fluid is my style! ~ I want to be ready for whatever comes down the pike! I think that is why I spent so much of 2018 hustling in my OolaField! I want to set in motion a field that will go hand in hand with how Beloved see our “retirement” years unfolding! ~ At the top of the list is traveling! If this past summer’s OolaWoman Road Trip is any indication of what I can expect... then I’m in “hook, line and sinker”! ~ Start there if you are unsure what you want your retirement years to look like. Beloved and I love to travel so that must be a part of the equation and I we build our OolaGoals around that central theme. However, I love learning - I’m the eternal academic and see a few more post secondary endeavours in my future to! ~ Whatever it is start laying the foundation of your retirement now... while you haven’t retired yet... don’t just land in retirement - plan it, but remain fluid and open to spontaneous opportunities! ~ Xo OolaWoman ~ #oolawoman #livingmyoolalife #oola #oolalife #liveoola #growing #retirement #planning #thefutureisfluid #dream #goalsetting #goldenyears
I have this amazing friend who thinks of me every time she sees a retro VW Bus! I love it! I love being in someone’s kind thoughts and love! ~ This is a pillow from a store in the US... I just love that she thinks to send me links to all things that remind her of me... and of course a retro VW Bus connects me directly to Oola!! ~ I can’t look at a VW Bus and not think about the OolaBus, covered in dreams of souls who maybe forgot they even had a dream! ~ So when my sweet friend shares her “finds” she immediately connects me to hope... and that is such an Oola thing to do! ~ Love you to the moon my friend @rebeca.herman and you just keep on sharing the love girl!! Xo D ~ Xo OolaWoman ~ #oolawoman #livingmyoolalife #oola #oolalife #liveoola #friends #sharingthelove #sharinghope #sharingdreams #begratefulandhavefaith #vwbus
! I love this graphic, I believe it and at one time I was totally into my physical fitness! I was actually a gymnast! ~ But #oolafitness is my most challenging #oolaf ! ~ Don’t get me wrong... I love walking, love jogging (running not so much), I love biking, I love hiking! But... and yes there is a but... I have suffered from chronic inflammation for over 30 years! And just the other day my optometrist has now concluded I’m losing my eyelashes because of chronic inflammation of my eyelids called “Blepharitis”! ~ I won’t list all the other “itises” I live with, but suffice it to say the list is long! ~ I miss my active life and since I moved to the west (damp) coast the quality of my physical wellness has diminished! But I think living in a rainforest is only part of the problem... so after my pity party the other day I realized I had to shift from “pain management” to figuring out the cause of my widespread issues with inflammation! ~ I’m starting with keeping a food diary and note reactions to food. We’ve bought, not one but two Instapots, not for convenience but to cook foods the way my great grandmothers did! I’m gonna cook the “nasties” our of our foods! I’m learning to buy local and in season! ~ In short, I’m educating myself! I’m so blessed to have a doctor who wholeheartedly supports my efforts to find holistic and natural remedies! She’s not a “pill pusher” which is fantastic! I have a doctor who continues to expand her knowledge base! If I bring a suggestion to her and it’s something she’s not well-versed in, she studies until she is better informed! I love her! ~ I love that she encourages me to be an integral part of my own wellness! I think in another life I would have been a physician! ~ Anyway, my point folks? Take control of your life instead of your life controlling (and robbing) you! ~ Xo OolaWoman 💕 ~ #oolawoman #livingmyoolalife #liveoola #oola #oolalife
500 Followers! ~ I’m truly humbled! ~ I hope I continue to bring content that encourages you, inspires you or motivates you to pursue your OolaLife! ~ Each and every one of you deserves the best this life can offer! Each and every one of you deserves to be the best version of yourselves possible! ~ Thank you for your support! ~ Xo OolaWoman 💕 ~ #oolawoman #livingmyoolalife #oolalife #oola #liveoola
Not that anyone was wondering, but just in case you were... I’ve had to take a break from posting on IG... believe me it was not by choice! ~ I love hanging with y’all... so what was up? ~ Well tendinitis in the left shoulder! Along with a really nasty knot between the shoulder blade and my neck! ~ It would appear that holding my phone in my left hand while typing for extended periods of time has exasperated an already sensitive area! Oh and along with crocheting, sleeping on my belly with my arm extended all night and holding cards in my left hand - Beloved and I love to pop down to Starbucks for a coffee and a few games of cards!! Turns out all my typing, while sitting in a chair which does not have me at the right height has also contributed! ~ I’m having RMT treatments, using my oils but the big one has been simply to stop using my poor body the way I have been! ~ Here’s what I’ve learned... I can not (no matter what I have read in forums) use Instagram on my computer - if you actually know a way, without monkeying around with my Lightroom settings, please let me know! ~ Next I decided to use my iPad with it’s nifty little keyboard... as you can see in the photo it is on it’s side!!!! Well, that only lasted about a minute! ~ Finally the perfect solution! I set up a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and I’m off to the races again!! ~ I’ve got my chair all sorted out and now I can get back to posting on IG! ~ Some say I’m stubborn... I prefer tenacious and committed!! ~ It’s nice to be back! Thanks for your patience, that’s if you noticed I was “quiet”!! ~ Anyway folks I look forward to hanging with y’all again! ~ Xo OolaWoman #oolawoman #liveoola #oolalife #oola #livingmyoolalife #tenacity #wheretheresawilltheresaway
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