Gabe Ortiz

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you can start.

Had a good day of fishing this weekend at the lake! 🚤🎣 #goodtimes phot cred : @cring505
Good weekend up in the Jemez with good people and the pups! #goodtimes
Like most things in life patience is key! #goodtimes
That lake sunset though! #goodtimes
Finally got my truck! Now I’m ready for all the lake and camping trips! #goodtimes #blessed
Dear Mother, This will be the 22 Mother’s Day spent without you here and they all have hurt the same. There is nothing like a Mother’s love as I see and hear about it everyday from family and friends. We will all continue to always miss and love you no matter what! I know God is taking good care of you, just promise me you will save a few dances for me when I see you again! Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mother’s out there and just know every single one of you are special not just today but everyday! #MothersDay #Cheers #Goodtimes
Lord lead the way 🙌🏽 #goodtimes #trustingod
Happy birthday to my niece hope your day was better then your driving 😂 hitting curbs early! #goodtimes #birthdaygirl
Happy national pup day! Love these pups! #nationalpuppyday #goodtimes #cadillac #bailey
Gym time! #NoTime2Sleep
It’s about to go down tonight! Ash and Pdub I’m coming for the belt! 😂😉🍻🏆👊🏽 #goodtimes
Feelin 💯 maybe I’ll cut the beard?
When my brother trying to show he got a ring and I don’t 😂😂😔. He the real MVP! #goodtimes #brother #someday
How many of y’all hold a beer with two hands 😎👌😂. #goodtimes #TBT
Take me back 😩 #seattle #goodtimes
Wishing I was back in Seattle! Good luck tomorrow hawks hoping for the best! 12’s are with you guys! #GoHawks #Seattle #Goodtimes #NoTime2Sleep @dangerusswilson @earl @bwagz54 @bambamkam @rsherman25 @kj_wright34 @petecarroll @seahawks
Congrats to my sister! Your hard work, dedication, and commitment paid off! Your future is looking bright and we are all proud of you! Love you lil sis 😘 #goodtimes #congrats
I️ wouldn’t mind these Seattle Sunsets! #Seattle #goodtimes
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