Oliver Vegas

Travel & Lifestyle Photographer | Filmmaker ↟ Based in Barcelona, Spain ↟ #SigmaAmbassador contact: hello@olivervegas.com

Possibly the most memorable experience is travel around the globe, stop in great cities like San Francisco… and explore with the best hands @iberia and @onlyinsf . One of the best things to do the first day is riding a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. But for my, the best thing, is arrive to baker Beach before the sunset… • #iberiaExperience #AlwaysSF
This mountain range is the most spectacular in Italy partly because of the striking, pale-coloured dolomitic limestone, eroded into towers and steep-sided valleys by rain, ice, sun and wind. • #ShotOnMiMIX2S and Edited with VSCO and Lightroom mobile @xiaomiespana
Last month I took a little road trip for 3 days. It was a chance to shake up the routine, get a change of scenery and shoot with the new Xiaomi Mi MIX2S. • We packed up my gear (including sleep bags) and piled into our adventure shooting, The Basque country and new sceneries. My surprise is this, take great places with a great mobile camera, and edited in lightroom mobile. @xiaomiespana #ShotOnMiMIX2S
Sentir como el aire alcanza cada parte de tu piel, disfrutar de los colores, de los olores, detrás de todo lo que rodea a la naturaleza, existe algo que todavía nos queda por descubrir. Podría enseñaros muchos rincones, pero Solán de Cabras ha tenido una idea mejor, te invita a compartir tus mejores fotografías de naturaleza, solo tienes que mencionar a @solandecabras , etiqueta con #puranaturaleza y acompaña la foto con la razón por la que te gustaría llevarte el premio. . Y es que Solán de Cabras España te regala una beca para cursar el MÁSTER @photoespana_ Vamos, que es muy simple y Participa!
There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are NO LIMITS #Yosemite
When I first began traveling around the globe, going on a road trip meant high adventure off the beaten track, going it alone, triumph over adversity, unexpected new friendships – and a world of discovery. Today, with the rise of travelers you can hire a car everywhere, route planning, even your stop-offs, meals and photo opportunities along the route, the magic is bright ingredients always! #travelstoke
Silence fell as the boat pulled away from the other side of the lake, leaving us behind with the kayaks and our guide.... The sun.
How long does it take to experimented the best road to make miles? with fresh air and asphalt... @boostedboards #boostedboards
When the sun goes down...
• From another world • Hace un tiempo que estoy descubriendo lugares nuevos, sobre todo cuevas que no podía imaginar que estaban cerca y alcance de todos, en esta ocasión la isla del hierro, para eso he probado la triple cámara para ver como funciona con poca luz... pero no sólo con poca luz, también fotos nocturnas, que quedan espectaculares. #IA #huaweip20pro
Planet Earth #WHPOddlySatisfying
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