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↟ Lfestyle & travel Photography | Filmmaker ↟ ↟ Based in Barcelona, Spain ↟ contact: hello@olivervegas.com

We can always tell the stories and the sensations, the purpose to close our eyes and that with a little magic, to reopen them you have the opportunity to feel, to live, to enjoy every moment but with much more time... Repeat again and again the wonders of #Superslowmotion from @sonyxperia #WorldOfWow #Xperia XZ Premium #ad click the link in bio to see The Journey - a film I've been involved in captured on #Xperia smartphones • Music by Lowself
Get your motor runnin' Head out on the highway Lookin' for adventure And whatever comes our way Yeah Darlin' go make it happen Take the world in a love embrace Shot with your camera everything around you And explode into space... like a eclipse burn. • #eclipsecross #eclipse2017 @mitsubishi.es #ad
Winter is coming
Los 80’s esconden muchos secretos, tantos, como salas de espera... escondites perfectos, y a veces con personajes un tanto sospechosos, todavía no sé muy bien que hago yo aquí, parece #SkyEspana … pero algo me dice que quizá no esté en el lugar adecuado” Puede ser que quien se esconda detrás de ese periódico antiguo tenga algo que ver con la KGB? @skytvespana
• Tracking step by step • @Montblanc #BeAHEAD #summit
Nature, that's my life, all nature around me on every trip. Quick moments and moments that I want to re-live a in slow motion film, a #960fps #Superslowmotion Allowing me time to see the fall drops slowly, over me, or the green scottish grass, as the butterflies flutter, slow birds movements... A wonderful world in a second, when sometimes we can't appreciate a simple view … this can become an incredible story. Link in bio #WorldOfWow #Xperia #ad
“There’s no infinity of our own existence beyond the fog, blinding us on our adventurous journey of knowing ourselves. However, don’t feel afraid, stop running, walk straight. Only if you go through it will you live eternally an instant… #lifeofadventure
Sometimes, I want to be able to remember the colors alive, for a lifetime, to have moments like the first time we open our eyes… Sometimes, I shoot with my #Xperia smartphone, test the lights, colors, with very good results. This picture was taken with the new #Xperia XZ1, which gives me the opportunity to shoot in manual mode, all adjustments give a big impact. Link in bio #WorldOfWow #ad @sonyxperia
Crear es algo que a veces requiere tiempo, pensar, revolver la mente cuando esta llena de ideas y esperar que la luz entre tantas piezas acabe por encajar. Para crear leyendas primero hay que entenderlas, que sentirlas, dejar que su espíritu te invada… Solo así fluiran todos los sentidos en un mismo espíritu. @Montblanc_es #Legendspirit #montblancperfume
Where the story begins
The next point, is a Lighthouse
Whitby, let me know more about you! @lovegreatbritain_es #omgb #lovegreatbritain
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