🥛Peyton Wakeland 🥛

Peyton💛🤤 Bsf’s: Welina + Toni + Michel (+me = THE squad)

Best Bitchy Friend Part 2
My best friend voted no, which is equivalent to about 20 votes, so I don’t know???
Little straight forward, buuuuuut....
Don’t be surprised when I walk in to school like dis 🤞🤞thank @cameron_hairstylist
Haven’t changed...
Happy birthday my guy 🎉
Notice the shoe... I would say throwback to when we went on tour, but I would literally morph into Jacob Saggy Titties, da famoos sinngerr
My first concert was literally everything 😁😁
I LOVE HERE GOD DAM SEXY ASS FACE😏😍😘@welina9565 was here!!
At my cousin Nolan's 3rd birthday party...
My favorite dorito 😂😭
Naomi is getting wild
Look at Ashley 😂🙌
I'm dead 😭😭
Look at my boring ass... thing
Lmaooo my dad 😂
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