Ros Bloxsom

How we trim trees in these parts!
It's only right that I should be sitting under these on a stunning Queensland day with family.
Mum wants to change my name to "Hedley". Wonder why!
A couple of penguins have moved in! Love my KookaBabies or are they BabyBurras?
Am I cute or what???
Scruffy, I know you are upset that I put your other photo on social media but this time I was photographing the Galah in the tree behind you. Honest! #photobombingthegalah
"Mum told me never to wear my hat at the table!" #settingtheexample
Whadya mean, One of these things is not like the other?
Bring on the foil potatoes and then the marshmallows.
Lazy days! Most days my washing hangs here but not today! The only thing hangin' is Old Mate and her Joey sunbaking!
Good morning World! Breakfast is served! Hop to it!
The view from my window! Cottesloe Beach! Love it!
Mornin' folks!