Anaheim Packing District

A walkable culinary collection of 35+ artisans in the ❤ of Anaheim: #PackingHouse , @anaheimmake , #PackardBuilding , #FarmersPark , @centerstanaheim

Join @anaheimbrew for Lushes with Brushes on Saturday, July 28th, at 6pm! Learn tips and techniques while you paint your own masterpiece. Everything you need is included plus a pint of beer. Class starts at 6pm. It's $45 a ticket. Pre-purchase tickets at Anaheim Brewery. 🎨🖌️
One Chicken Tikka Masala for you. Four for Glen Coco. You go Glen Coco! And 'Naan' for Gretchen Wieners. @adyaoc PC: @california.eats
Is anyone else sweating over that perfect sunny side up egg on top of that burger?! #GIMME @umamiburger PC: @syzd85
#regram @rollingboil : "For anyone who may be new to Rolling Boil, we would like to introduce our frozen apple sake. We use fresh Washington apples and then add our fruity and sweet blend of infused sake. Be cool this summer with Rolling Boil's selection of local beers, authentic Japanese Sake and whiskey!"
Good food always brings the best people around! Thanks for breaking bread with us everyday. #foodhall 📸 : @poshinprogress
There's a chill in @bxcrwinebar ! Head over at 7:30pm for Marvel trivia night and their signature Watermelon Frosé made with prickly pear juice, @ninkasibrewing Hazy IPA, and watermelon rosé topped with edible flowers. This cocktail is available tonight only, so don't miss out!
If your friends won't share with you are they really your friends? * grilled salmon bowl - @orangetei , Sunrise Passion fruit tea with boba - @snowmonsteroc , fried cheese curd and pork belly sandwich - @thekroft PC: @heyitscheena
You scream! I scream! We all scream for ice cream! Come celebrate #nationalicecreamday with @hanshomemade . PC: @Mackenzieprobz
Get Dim Sum for brunch, dinner, and a late night snack! @18foldsinc sells Dim Sum and icy beers on Saturday from 10am-10pm. Photo: @18foldsinc & @courtneyphi
Weekday diet < Weekend binge PC: @bjvh_photo
Come make your own wine cocktail @BXCRwinebar with @jardesca_california_aperitiva tonight at 6pm! PC: @jardesca_california_aperitiva
Spice up @sawleafcafe 's Garlic Beef #BanhMi with a few fried jalapeños! PC: @fia_the5footer_
Sometimes you gotta treat a #foodhall like a buffet! @snowmonsteroc @blacksheepgcb @crossroastbbq PC: @_qbert
Is this what people are referencing when they ask if you did a "cool down" after your workout?! Come check out @theblindrabbit 's Boozy Popsicle, made with seasonal fruits and fresh citrus then topped with sparkling champagne! #BoozyPopsicle #KeepCool 📸:
When you go searching for a chill and wind up adding chili to your mac and cheese instead. @thekroft 📷: @andythenguyen
Lemonade and shade 😓! @snowmonsteroc PC: @nicole_capitaine
#regram @georgiassoul : “It's one of our absolute favorite days of the year: National Fried Chicken Day! Come celebrate with us today — we're offering our Herb-Seasoned Cornmeal-Crusted Buttermilk Fried Chicken by the bucket! Get an 8-piece Fried Chicken Bucket with choice of two sides for $20 for dine-in or take-out! 🙌🏽”
@urbanaanaheim 's Ahî Ceviche is stacked!!!! Made with fresh AhÍ seasoned with sesame, #guacamole , spicy aioli, and served on house-made tostaditas. PC: @urbanaanaheim
Happy Independence Day!!! Come to the #PackingHouse from 9am to 10pm for 4th of July festivities. You can purchase all your favorite eats, rent out the ping pong ball set, and picnic in our Farmers Park. Hope to see you here! PC: @memorycardfull
Sip responsibly and patriotically with @popbar 's Red, White + Blue gelatoShake! 🇺🇸 Photo: @popbar
Join us on the #4thofJuly ! The #PackingHouse will be open it's normal hours of 9am to 10pm. Most of our restaurants will open till 11am or 12pm. Please be sure to call them individually for their hours and specials. PC: @visualnewbie
Take your DIY skills to @crepecoop and make your own special little treat!! PC: @foodwithmichel
Sunshine and smiles in the #PackingHouse front yard! PC: @_ashley_noel_
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