Anaheim Packing District

A walkable culinary collection of 35+ artisans in the ❤ of Anaheim: #PackingHouse , @anaheimmake , #PackardBuilding , #FarmersPark , @centerstanaheim

Did somebody say cheese curds?! This food hall is baby approved! PC: @watchthemblossom
The caramel syrup and OMG bits on top of the OMG latte has us like 😱!!! @pandorbakery is open every morning at 9am to give you a French twist on your breakfast. Check out how the OMG latte is made in our Instagram Story, or get a look at their other breakfast menu on our blog. Link is in the bio.
Going bananas over @crepecoop 's Ape Crepe!!! Made with Speculoos spread, banana, peanut brittle, banana gelato, and whipped cream. PC: @crepecoop
@Georgiassoul is helping you bring home the bacon! Try their juicy and tender Bacon Gravy-smothered Pork Chops smothered in their famous gravy! 📸: @ifoodiexo
@mangal_anaheim hooks it up with the serving sizes! If you get the Chicken Shawarma plate, with hummus make sure to ask about all their different sauces. *Garlic *Aleppo Pepper *Taheni *Tzatziki PC: @diningoutoclb
The outside may look nice but the inside smells great!!!!! PC: @d.a.i.s.y.m.j
Oh "mai" that cocktail looks good! Head over to @hammerbar for a classic cocktail, like the Mai Tai, or a custom made concoction from their menu.
Happy hours are important when your appetite is boujee but your wallet is not. We're searching for all the best deals in the Packing District and @umamiburger 's #SocialHour doesn't disappoint! Check out the blog for how to enjoy a meal and drinks for 4 under $50. Link in the bio.
It's not winter yet but @iamshavedsnow will help you cool off with their Watermelon Shaved Snow! PC: @yoono_food
Nobody touch anything until I take a picture of this masterpiece! @theironpress PC: @bychloesee
Sometimes, you gotta be a little extra! We love all the toppings at @popbar. Pistachios drizzled in milk and white cholocate for the win! PC: @foodiebynurture
We out here lookin' FOR a snack. Shrimp Po' boy, fries, and yerba mate from @thechippyfish. PC: @fit.frenchie.fam
Look at those chunks of oreos!!!! This coffee oreo ice cream sandwich by @hanshomemade has us like 🤤. PC: @happyhoureats
On a cheesy Cloud Nine with @blacksheepgcb 's Number 9 (fresh mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, and basil aioli). PC: @blacksheepgcb
We don't care that it's still summer. We see cloud coverage and that means its time for ramen! @orangetei PC: @clairadaira
We'll be open our regular hours of 9am-11pm for Labor Day. Stop by and eat right! PC: @kodakcrawley
Soft but with the perfect amount of outside crisp. @adyaoc 's goat cheese filled naan is our go-to weekend carb! PC: @taylormadefff__
Frosé all day! @Bxcrwinebar has added even more Frosé and sake cocktails to their menu!!!! We can't wait to try their Tiki Me To Paradise made with pineapple, wine, sake based tequila, and boozy dole whip.
#regram @umamiburger : "Yup, we'll need some napkins for this one. 😋 Pro tip: add onion strings to our #TruffleBurger for this epic order. #UmamiBurger " 📸: @twohungrychicas
Someone must be on round two! @anaheimbrew 📸: @cvossen7 & lannerzily
If you want to eat al fresco then hit up @18foldsinc ! You can request picnic blankets when you order and enjoy your food in #FarmersPark . PC: @allison.yellow
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