Pankaj kumar

God first👆 Indian 🇮🇳 #Delhiite Born lifter 🏋🏻 And i m not the prettiest you ever seen but i have my movements 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Monsoon first rain ☔️#rainclick #insta_click
waiting for real hero entry ... #thor 😍💖
love leg day but they took along time to recover 😣
Sign of gaining .. 😜
Use #smith_machine its your frined ... injury free workout 😜
Bros at a Long drive .. 😀
She doesn't like middle finger 😂😂
Thumka with brothers 😀
Happy b'day ashu ... ❤
And this called morning selfie ...
वो गुरु है मेरा वो मित्र है मेरा वो साथ है मेरा वो विश्वास है मेरा वो मार्गदर्शक है मेरा वो शासक है मेरा वो मेरा मैं उसका वो #मह ाकाल है मेरा 🙏
Here's my bro with another Big W . Proud of you shivam
Time pass ... 😁
क्या करूंगा अमीर बनकर, .... मेरा " महादेव " तो फकीरो का दीवाना है " जय जय जय, जय शिव शंकर
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