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Hey Guyss, c that WE ARE NOT Celebrity 🙄This Is The Tiger And The Rock. Nanded Todays Live Show. हम दोनो के नाम से ही public इखट्टा होती हे .हम चले तो सरकार से बड़े.नाम तो सुना ही होगा.💪🏻💪🏻 PapPya Gaikwad With @ravi_naik_the_rock @pappya_gaikwad_fanspage
Brother in my bad times, you never leave me alone.I wish in my future happiness time You cannot leave me Alone.Promise me Dear Ravi Bhau❤ Tysm 700K Family. Love u All. @ravi_naik_the_rock . @shreyash_pappya_gaikwad@pappya_gaikwad_fanspage
Anytime accept challenges if u want Change Your life💪 @ravi_naik_the_rock @shreyash_pappya_gaikwad @pappya_gaikwad_fanspage
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