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🇮🇳Jay Hind🇮🇳 Follow CuteBaby. @shreyash_pappya_gaikwad 🌪Unstoppable ❤From-Lonavala 🎂1st earthquake 14 March 🔥Text Mail For Collabration

Wait And Watch Facebook Comeback👻👻❤️# @ravi_naik_the_rock @shreyash_pappya_gaikwad @pappya_gaikwad_fanspage
लवक़रच फ़ेसबूक वर Comeback होनार आहें भावांनो❤️❤️ Just Wait And Watch💋💋 @ravi_naik_the_rock @shreyash_pappya_gaikwad @pappya_gaikwad_fanspage
Happy Bday Big Bhau The Real Gym Legend💪 My Gym Inspiration ❤ love You Bhau.
Then now And Forever राडा Continue. 💪 उद्या नाशिक बिग लाईव्ह शो आणि फोटोशूट ❤ श्री कृष्णा लॉन्स ,कामत हॉटेल जवळ,नाशिक पुणे रोड❤ @ravi_naik_the_rock
Dear Sir, Your Not Only my Real Life Brother🙂 You Teach Me Every Time So Ur Also My Teacher ❤ Happy Guru Pornima❤ @ravi_naik_the_rock @shreyash_pappya_gaikwad @pappya_gaikwad_fanspage
I don't Respect thos who Dont Respect me.You call it Ego, i call it Self Respect 💪 @ravi_naik_the_rock @shreyash_pappya_gaikwad @pappya_gaikwad_fanspage
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