Paresh Ghelani

Adventurer, Entrepreneur, philanthropist & who believes in doing well by doing good! @xprize , MoonExpress , Casepoint, @MyViome , @dtvshredder_global

It was wonderful to share the stage at @inktalks with some wonderful People and the trailblazers. -inventor of iPod, iPhone, nest #tonyfadell -Big Basket co-founder @harimenon4u -PopXO founder @priyankagill_official
#Repost @inktalks ・・・ Just 4 more days until our most multi-faceted conference yet! From immersive workshops to talks in regional languages to a wellbeing lounge experience, INK2018 will be like nothing you've seen before! Don't miss it! register now with the link in our bio.⠀ ⠀ #INKconference #speakers #multidisciplinary #RoungGlass #Countdown @roundglass.rg
Come join us and share your ideas. Together we can solve our greatest challenges that we face today. #Repost @inktalks ・・・ #MeetTheSpeaker A silicon-valley entrepreneur and philanthropist, Paresh Ghelani is focused on creating large-scale impact through innovation and entrepreneurship. Along with Ratan Tata and Naveen Jain, he brought @xprize Foundation to India to resolve challenges in public amenities and raise the quality of life. ⠀ Know more at ⠀ Register for #INK2018 and let him inspire the entrepreneur in you:⠀ ⠀ #inkspeaker #inkconference #event #conference #speaker #innovation #technology #entrepreneur @roundglass.rg
Salute to those Thousands of firefighters and the emergency workers working round the clock to save lives and homes. Thank you and god bless you. Praying for everyone’s safety. !!! #californiafirefighter
Let’s Paint the sky with sparkles of dreams!! Blast a chain sadness!!! Let’s Creat the abundance of happiness!! Let’s light a lamp of love!! Wish you a sparkling Diwali!! #spreadthelove #worldpeace
We can make our voices heard when we participate..let’s do this. ! #election2018 #vote @leonardodicaprio #votewithus
So looking forward to the film and learn about how we as a nation have wronged the true Patriot and jailed instead of the Bharat Ratna award. @actormaddy #nambinarayanan #india #isro #ROCKETRY
Every vote has a voice..and it just be exercised. !! @milano_alyssa #vote #midterms2018
I am proudly posting this amazing project and journey my brother @actormaddy has embarked on. I know he has been working passionately and proudly to bring us the untold story of an amazing man Nambi Narayana. so looking forward to it. So proud of you brother for being so courageous... Nation awaits..!! #rocketry #nambinarayanan ・・・ HINDI—-Rocketry -Hindi first call.🙏🙏😘😘🚀 pls do share as much as possible my dear dear people .🙏#Rocketry
In discussion with the talented and very humble @pharrell about the housing for all and future of education. 3days of continuous wisdom and participations @xprize #visioneering to make the world a better place. Leading the way to being world famous and also a giving citizen of the word are not mutually exclusive.
What problem are you passionate to solve which can make the world a better place for generations to come.. !! Excited to begin the journey next few days with the worlds best minds and passionate individuals to solve the world' grand challanges.. !! @xprize @peterhdiamandis #visioneering
What a SPECTACULAR view over the Los Angeles sky!! Capturd from the rooftop.. !! @spacex #rooftopview #excitingworld
LISTEN TO THE COLOR OF YOUR DREAMS And LET THE SOUL BECOME DYED WITH OF ITS THOUGHTS! .. so many shades of hues in one eve !! Blessed to be here !!! @thebeatles @marcusaureliusquotes #buddha #peaceful
Can't wait to Watch and learn;) from my dear friend @theshilpashetty playing Cupid on @hearmeloveme the blind dating show. STREAMING NOW on #hearmeloveme #cupid #blinddating #love
“What we think we become" !! -Buddha. Home sweet home.. !! #love #peace and #hapiness
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