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Adventurer, Entrepreneur, philanthropist & who believes in doing well by doing good! @xprize , @MoonEx , Casepoint, @MyViome , @dtvshredder_global

My kinda beach day.. super fun. Can't wait till these bad boys gets shipped worldwide. I want to make the company be the instigator of the new kind of sport. #oneofakind @dtvshredder_global #upyourgame ・・・ Beach Shred! #DTVshredder . . . . . #sanddunes #sandboarding #beachday #offroad4x4 #dessertsafari #powersports #surfing #surflife #sxs #polarisrzr #shredding #shredded #nitrocircus #xgames #pastrana
Fun in LA LA land.. always lots of laughter with @realpz and #MrGoodenough #repost ・・・ What a fun night out with @pareshghelani & #MrGoodenough 😍 #aboutlastnight #dinner #ting 😘
Nothing more pure than the love and blessings I get from your sisters, siblings, parents and the kids. I am so lucky to have a wonderfu,l simple and loving family. Love you all dearly...!!! Missed my little sis and my little brother. #undconditionallove #rakshabandhan
Great to have @upasanakaminenikonidela and #ramcharan join us at this wonderful @xprize design hackathon kickoff reception.. amazing to see #theapollohospitals and the entire group help millions be well and get well. my brother Ram please come back soon.
#Repost @realpz (@get_repost ) Time with you is always full of laughter. Great seeing you PZ.. love you !! @realpz ・・・ Finally I made my dear friend @pareshghelani take a selfie with me cuz he is the REAL KAMLI from the movie SANJU & I cannot resist but be cheesy about it 🤩😍🤪🤩 #ting #Aboutlastnight #kamli #Sanju #selfie #lovingit ! Hahahah 😜
YES we can move the humanity forward and have a positive impact..what do you prize ??? COME JOIN ME...@xprize @peterhdiamandis @anousheh_x
Mr. President @barackobama This was one of the most memorable day I spent celebrating your 50th birthday at your home and our home town Chicago flipping burgers.. The world misses you and your graciousness. Wishing you an amazing birthday and healthiest years ahead. Your humbleness will always be an inspiration. #throwback
Back at work with my partner @naveenjainceo for series of meetings. Getting ready to launch @myviome services in UAE. Soon to be launching it in India using national biodefense technologies to address massive healthcare challages we all are facing. Going back to basics as our grandparents and theirs have been telling us.. It all starts in the GUT. Healthier the GUT better the health. Now we can address it with these great insights and science. Microbiome is leading the way..
Knowing it's never the 'goodbyes" but It's always a little sad everytime I depart the motherland for my adopted home. But then memories that we create everytime makes my soul richer.. thank you for the love and respect. Till the next time....cheers. !!
Brother... I’ve seen you at your best and I’ve seen you at your darkest. And I think you are one of the most amazing people who has taught me to live life to the fullest. Wish you nothing but yet another and many more years of a rocking journey... !!! Love you.
Happy Birthday @maanayata. Wish you many more decades of health and happiness!
Did I say work hard and party harder??? Here is to our team that we had great time and a pleasure of celebrating with at the annual party last night... dedicated, hardworking, intelligent, and the Casepoint Team.. Thank you. Great to have you as part of the journey where we will achieve many more milestones.. #makeimpossiblepossible #journey #workhardpartyharder #surat #casepoint
Always rocking my brother @duttsanjay
#Repost @vickykaushal09 ・・・ Real & Reel. Paria & Kamli. @pareshghelani #Sanju Ladies and gentlemen @vickykaushal09 The man who has won millions of hearts worldwide including mine by the expression of a heartfelt and true friendship of all of those who has been close to @duttsanjay. Sheer display of the talent and amazing dedication. Outstanding.. ! So sweet of you to stop by last night and give me a big hug. You are a great man with true talent. All respect my brother. To the all Kamlis of the world.. cheers!! #sanju #friendship #rajuhirani
@rajkundra9 so sweet of you brother for the kind words and love.. here's to creating more memories. 😎😎😎 ・・・ He is one man God should give everyone as a friend! Stands tall has your back and is the true rock of Gibraltar in many lives including mine! Welcome to Instagram @pareshghelani urff Kamili #sanju blessed to have such a good friend in my life! They say if you want to see who your real friends are go through a challenging time and see who sticks around! Paresh bro you are a friend for life (besides you already know too much) 😂😂😂 Love you my brother #roar #friendsforlife here’s to creating more amazing memories together!
Come join me.. You can design an XPRIZE. We need your ideas to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing the world today. 100k in prizes! ONLY 2 WEEKS left to enter the #Visioneering 2018 Design Challenge. @xprize
its been many years of staying away from the social media, i finally give-in to embrace it. as i begin, here to you my brother @duttsanjay. After watching the film 'Sanju' I was numb, numb with limitless emotions. I wanted to just hug him, hold on to him and cry. Cry endlessly to the years we had lost, to the years we stood by and witnessed this roller coaster called life and the irrevocable loss of loved ones.. To the mistakes we cannot undo, to the strength we cannot find elsewhere but, in each other. Now, the entire world shares our story, and the story of the man who's made me a part of his and he has thought me how to get up after every fall. It's hard to convey how many different emotions I'm feeling at this time. How many of us can truly say that we've got friends who not only stand by you through thick and thin, but are as much a brother, a mentor, and your live conscience? Sanju, you have been all that and more. There were moments I've relived from my own life - things I've forgotten, and things I'll never ever forget - on screen. Sanju is an ode to falling, rising, making mistakes and learning, flaws, imperfection - everything that defines the core of friendship. It is more importantly a relentless pursuit of life with all its shades. I know I share this sentiment with all friends and family close to him. Our friendship has been exhilarating, volatile, wild and rewarding.. Our journey has often been clouded in disbelief and doubt, wondering if we will make it till the end or will fall into the labyrinth of tragedy and controversy. But here we are united, unbreakable and ready for life. Sanju - Thank You for being a part of my life. Thank you for making me part of the Pride where we watch each others back; Thank you for always having the protective blanket over me; Thank you for the journey you've dragged me on lovingly and have taught me how to fight the adversity, however it may come. Look past the flaws, the women, the controversies, I love you, and now I can share it with everyone. You always have been, you are and you always will be the greatest friend, brother that anyone can ask for. Keep roarrrrring... tiger!! #sanju #friendship
#Repost @actormaddy Maddy my brother.!. how sweet can you be.. Thank you for such kind words and being so gracious. Feeling like a kid walking into a kiddergarten and someone is there to make it so comfortable and welcome. Love you brother...! ・・・ FINALLY U R here Bro-Hey Folks pls welcome some1 who is more than a Blood Brother 2 me-my inspiration and my IDOL-THE REAL “KAMILII” from “SANJU”-the elusive,Limelight loathing N my “ Go 2” man 4 all issues-PARESH Ghelani-@pareshghelani .Sorry bro-The world wants 2 know you🙏#pareshghelani
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