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Lake Havasu with the boys @jaredjstar25 @joshgrant33
Standing Tricep Extensions: • Bring the dumbbell to shoulder height and then extend the arm over your head so that the whole arm is perpendicular to the floor and next to your head. • Rotate the wrist so that the palm of your hand is facing forward and the pinkie is facing the ceiling. This will be your starting position. • Slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head as you hold the upper arm stationary. • Return to the starting position by flexing your triceps as you breathe out. Tip: It is imperative that only the forearm moves. The upper arm should remain at all times stationary next to your head. - Having trouble losing body fat and struggling to see your abs? Have you been training hard for weeks or even months now and hit a plateau? Let me customize a routine that works for you! I will teach you proper nutrition & training to help you achieve your fitness goals faster! - 💥Join my 12 Week Transformation Program!!💥 - ⬇️⬇️HOW TO SIGN UP⬇️⬇️ - 📲 (or click the website in my bio @parker_physique ) - Get the results YOU want! Build muscle, lose fat and tone up with my 12 WEEK FULL BODY transformation program with a CARB CYCLING DIET! I am taking both male and female clients 🚹🚺 - - @ryderwear #ryderwear
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Let no one discourage your ambitious attitude. You don’t need their approval to achieve your own goals! - Currently taking new clients who are motivated & determined to transform for my 12 Week Transformation Program and running a $75 OFF Sale (making it only $125 for 12 Weeks)!! Let me help you achieve your fitness goals. Click the link 🔗 in my bio @parker_physique to get started! -
I didn’t want that banana anyways 😜🐒
After my training, I’ll start the recovery process with @bpi_sports Best Creatine Defined™! Best Creatine Defined™ is a unique product to help you maximize your training. This advanced mixture of creatine and other performance ingredients helps prevent the need for a loading phase and can help give you that hard, chiseled physique. I drink one serving immediately after my workout.
Awesome workout with my boy @thecodyalt 💪🏼 - Outfit: @ryderwear Photo: @samgodly
Drinking my @bpi_sports 1.M.R trying do decide whether to train arms or shoulders 🤷🏽‍♂️
Real People. Real Results!! Are you having difficulty reaching your goals in the gym? Or not seeing the results you want? Swipe 👈🏼 to see a few client transformation/testimonies! - 💥Let me help you achieve your fitness goals with my 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM!💥 - ⬇️⬇️HOW TO JOIN⬇️⬇️ - 📲 (Click the website in bio @parker_physique
Stop holding yourself back. If you aren’t happy, make a change.
Single Arm Cable Curls 💪🏼 - • Adjust a pulley slightly above shoulder level. Start by standing sideways next to your pulley then extend your arm out at shoulder height, gripping the handle with one of your hands. • Slowly curl the cable towards your head, isolating the bicep until you feel tension, and hold for a 1-2 count. • Return back to the starting position and repeat for as many reps and sets as desired. I did 4 sets at 12-15 reps per set. - @bpi_sports
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