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Rondi Out Now Link Below💔Events Contact +91 9815661343

been in Love and been away from that loved one ? #TeriYaad out on 28th July, So happy Sharing the poster and the Date, Lyrics by Deeply missed RIP #DeepuKakowalia Veera @GoldyDesiCrew @desicrewsatpalmalhi @sukhanvermaofficial
this is my Mum’s StudyRoom we Recorded 3 songs with pillows and mattress for soundproofing !! No Studio, Songs made with soul 💖 Grew up listening to these songs, straight from Heart so sharing with my Fans I hope you guys like it.. tag someone who’d like this ! 💓💖🎭💝
Childhood full of Dreams, Life full of Stories.
Tag your Taur naal Shada Friend !
A lot to be Thankful for, to all my Fans and supporters around the world. I love you all. I hope I keep Living and working upto your Expectations.🙏🏻 @bababeachclub #bababeachclub #huahin
It was all Just a Dream. @bababeachclub #bababeachclub #huahin
10 Days 20 Million, thank you Everyone for making #Rondi such a Huge success. #sosofitelhuahin @sosofitelhuahin
it’s the little things in life 💝 #sosofitelhuahin @sosofitelhuahin
Happiness has no language.
Ohnu Jaagde Sohnde Meri Yaad Sataundi te Honi... #Rondi 18million and still counting thnk you💔
Wish others well, their Success will not limit yours.
Happie Chachha 💖 #Rondi smashing 14 Million views 4Days 💖
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