SwanQueen🖤 | sara

“ she’ll always be Madam Mayor to me “

perhaps we stan!! #MadamSpellman ( not sq ik but i mean these 2 just killed the gays, PRAISE SATAN ) @michellegomezofficial @miranda.otto
good old days...❤️ #morrilla
reality hits Em ( creds to manips owner )
come to mama
WHAT A GREAT DAY 2 BE ALIVE 🏳️‍🌈 we been know but there u go matafakas <33
sexual tension
@thefanoflanaparrilla i prob forgot to tell u but this EXACT same convo happened between me & her (da teacher crush yall know) like few weeks ago lmao and emma is soooo me in these pics
i miss these lesbian magical moms | + these lyrics are for dat one person yall know and if u dont u dont but anygay ac. casifers & the last clip credit to @et.sq and they are such a cuties btw
das a great plan Em ;) #parrillasq
regina & emma meeting in another realm
they love each others don’t @ me
i’ll just leave this here ;)
I LOVE THE CAPTAIN OF OUR SHIP!! #swanqueen #ouatnj | @netflix SWANQUEEN SPINOFF PLEASE ( go sign the petition cuz why not, link in my bio )
my weekend stared today oof
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