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Attempting Dressage on my patchy pony Ted. Mac 30 year old cob Wife of @the_non_horsey_husband Brand Associate @boudicaequestrian PATCHY10 for 10% off

I am so so pleased with how he is wintering this year ! He looks and feels absolutely fabulous ❤️• • I am loving my new Navy and Grey outfit ( all the gear ! No idea 🙈🙈)• • Ted and I were were kitted out by @boudicaequestrian from the @equetechclothing range with the addition of my beautiful @stockinjur hat silk ❤️
Very excited that the entries for our first British Dressage of the year are all done! • • Next weekend sees our first visit to Petley Wood! I can’t wait ❤️
Life was meant for good friends and great adventures ❤️ @riding_remington
So the thing about learning curves is sometimes they are gentle and sometimes they are incredibly steep! Today’s was a very steep one 😂🙈• • Our second go at Arena eventing! Upon arrival the excitement departed and the nerves took hold! Watching a few jump I didn’t see a single clear and saw 3 falls and 4 eliminations in the 8 or so riders I watched! The course was taking no prisoners! • • Ted warmed up fabulously and before I knew it we were ready to go! Now unfortunately the rider before me fell so we had to wait in holding for a little while which wasn’t helping the nerves ! Jump 1 -6 were the SJs and although a bit stickier than usual he was a dude over these . The XC part was another matter entirely ! We had two stops at 7 due to there being foliage at the bottom of the jump! I honestly think about 75% of the class either stopped or fell at this jump! I’m pleased we got over on our third go but by then he was lacking in confidence so a rather spookyskinny at 9 saw us join the elimination club for the first time! • • We didn’t give up thou we went back in for a very up to height 80 and this time made it to number 9 before again being defeated by the foliage 🙈! • • Whilst that sounds like an absolutely rubbish day on paper I’m beaming! I didn’t fall off! We had a go! We enjoyed ourselves and we tackled a course that caused no end of issues ! Club elimination was the most popular club today! We also had so much fun with our friends @riding_remington and our awesome support crew @the_non_horsey_husband @kelly.finch2 @jocantwell96 and @chris.todd.3386585 • Every trip out is an opportunity to learn and we learnt heaps today! Now I’m off to chop down some foliage and put it under jumps 😂😂• • Here’s to our next jumping adventure ❤️
We had an absolutely brilliant morning at our first ever pole clinic ! I expected ted to lack any respect for the poles but he was amazing! He really worked hard and really lifted over the different patterns ! I worked hard on doing less which was actually really difficult ! We learnt so much and he felt so incredibly soft by the end! Unfortunately my usually on point videographer got distracted 😂😂😂 so only managed to catch this tiny bit at the end ! • • Thank you so much @xhollieebysolix for organising
❤️Double trouble ❤️ Absolutely buzzing for an outing with our besties this weekend ⭐️ @riding_remington
Last night I had my first ever rider biomechanics session with mechanical horses in Hartfield, East Sussex! Now I have known for a while that my position needs some work and I feel to really start progressing with Ted I need to firstly sort myself out! • • Amelia was absolutely fantastic! I’m not a naturally supple person so I wasn’t surprised to find I struggled and as soon as I got on the horses it became very apparent that my main issue currently lies in my pelvis and hips. This is an area I find ridiculously hard to flex and move which results in me hollowing my back. Having huge mirrors surrounding the horses really gave me the understanding of being able to see my weaknesses and understand them! The very responsive horses helped to! • • In my session last night Amelia spent time working with me to correct this and I got about 30 minutes on the horses and then 30 minutes on the floor doing exercises. I also got plenty of homework! • • Whilst I found the session Incredibly hard it was also amazing! Improving myself is something I am absolutely committed to so I plan to head back in a few weeks and then integrate monthly sessions with Amelia alongside my current lessons at home with my instructor ! My aim is to then take ted to Amelia in a few months to have a session with him instead of the mechanical horse. Hopefully by then I will have improved in myself.• • If you are based in the southeast I highly recommend looking Amelia and the mechanical horses up! (mechanical horses on Facebook ) I guarantee it will open your eyes 😀
Urgh ! Today marks the start of my first full 5 day week at work in ages ! The 5.45 alarm was not my friend! Thankfully I have a fun weekend planned with a clinic and a jumping outing 😀
A gorgeous schooling session this afternoon! Gorgeous Ted Bear ! Time to get some lessons booked and some BD entered ❤️
An absolutely brilliant day today! A gorgeous schooling session followed by a visit from our awesome saddler! We now have our Dressage saddle back in action and I am delighted! He felt absolutely cracking in it ❤️
Just over a week till our first outing of 2019 and it’s Arena Eventing! This time we are heading back to my hometown to give Merrist Woods course a try! Eeek! Let’s hope Ted packs those wings he sprouts ❤️
Whilst a short trip to the sunshine was absolutely fantastic ❤️ It was great to be reunited with these two yesterday !
2018 has been so much fun for us! I absolutely can’t wait for 2019 and hopefully another year of Ted and I having matching smiles! 😊😂❤️
So while I’m away for a few days Mr Bens in charge ! Let’s hope the boys behave 😂 @the_non_horsey_husband
No better way to spend the morning than a few hours alone in the countryside with my Ted Bear ! He was absolutely loving life! We enjoyed a super gallop to stretch those legs ❤️!
It was an orange and blue sort of day today 🍊❤️
Merry Christmas everyone from me and my Patchy Dressage Pony ❤️
My whole whole in a photo❤️• • Never ever did I think we would have a family hack again ❤️
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