Patricia Bautista

📍manila / los angeles

this bandana saved my life
nobody I’d rather be smelly in a tent with than this bunch 💛
coachella day one 🌞 hands down one of the most disgusting days of my life. coachella car camping pushes you to rethink your validity as a decent, civilized human being. instagram doesn’t tell you about the porta potties, hour long shower lines, and losing your friends with zero reception... BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT 🎡
if you zoom in real close you’ll see my nasty ass dry ends 💇🏻 anyone know a good (cheap) place to get a decent trim in LA?? I only ever got my haircuts in Manila but I don’t think my split ends will make it across the pacific ocean this time
my jersey babe 👄
me on a normal day, stressing out about expensive health & auto insurance in America (📸 @souzane73 )
hella late but here’s a throwback to my 23rd birthday surrounded by all my favorite people 💝 don’t make me cry like that again
happy vday 🖤
Perspective, humility, resilience & introspection. Incredible things happen when you strive for the grace to confront and harness your weaknesses. • 2018 was NOT cute 😢 but I will look back at it with pride and nonetheless say it’s been one of my best years. Here’s to going strong into the next one.🥂 (📸 @souzane73 )
Pro tip when taking photos at busy tourist spots: Stand in the center, give everyone a dirty look, and they will eventually understand the area needs to be cleared 📸
omg, winter in LA ❄️ *replaces crop tops with sheer turtlenecks*
fake laugh real friends 👯
Dunkin Donuts out here tastes like vegan gluten free cardboard. No wonder the guy gave me extra munchkins.
My face when @mirobucko8 can’t take good photos of me 🤦🏻‍♀️ #youhaveonejob #yourefired #hiring
1x1 ID pic
Last night I went to a strip club and got a 3 min back rub from a stripper because I thought it was free. It wasn’t. ☹️
Can I at least keep my student discounts 😭 Just some fun graduation thangs before I do a sappy graditude post.👩🏻‍🎓
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