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Tre Cime di Lavaredo is the most iconic and must-see place when you visit the Dolomites, Italy. After having an awesome sunset the day before, we decided to take this route to see a different angle of the three massive peaks. The forecast said that it was zero % cloud cover. Clear blue skies = I need to slap 👋🏻 myself to get my adrenaline up. Used the TPE’s augmented reality to check the sun’s position for sunstar. The app calculated that the sun would rise behind the middle peak around noon time. Too damn late.🤦🏻‍♂️ Having done enough, it's time to go. Already halfway back to our van when we saw the sun lit up the area where we were. Oh, the frustration…😫 Asked one of my photog buddy “How many minutes do you think it would take us to go back there and still be able to capture a sunstar?”🤔 He ran back🏃🏽‍♂️without even replying.🙄 LOL! So, was it worth it? For me it was!
The thriving marine ecosystem of Senja, Norway. It’s like walking on seaweed forest. Taken during mid-day while checking out the fjords in the area. It’s good to be back home! Just sorted through 200gb of photos from this trip. We started from Venice, drove to the Dolomites, then flew to Lofoten and then to the Netherlands. Going with the best road companions one could ever wish for. The memories that I had from this trip will last a lifetime. The bonus, 22 days of non-stop photographing sunrise, sunset, and Aurora.
Loving the view with my @fstopgear buddies at Cinque Torri Dolomiti! 👌🏻 Whats your favorite spot in the Dolomites? #fstop #ajna #dolomiti
Lago Di Sorapis is one of most beautiful hikes in the Dolomites. Turqoiuse colored lake backed by the pointy Sorapiss mountain is totally worth the 13km return trip. Don’t miss it when you are in the area. I was there last autumn. Didn’t expect the lake to be half frozen. Making the best out of the given situation.
Alpine Meadow The famous Alpe di Siusi or also known as Seiser Alm. It is the largest mountain plateau in Europe. That pointy mountain in the middle is called "The Saslonch, Sassolungo or Langkofel and it is the highest mountain of the Langkofel Group of Dolomites, Italy. The name translates to "long peak or long rock". Our base was Cortina d'Ampezzo. Drove 2.5 hours to get here as we needed to escape the weather in Cortina. It was totally worth it. So, make sure to not miss Alpe di Siusi when you visit Dolomiti.
Mt. Amery and the winding Saskatchewan River of the Canadian Rockies, Alberta. Nothing can beat the combination of a breathtaking place + amazing weather + good food + great company. We got this spot “Graveyard Flats” straight out of Darwin Wiggett’s ebook. We made sure to allow enough time to get to know the place before sunset. True enough, the place is amazing. Winding rivers, reflecting pools and driftwoods are all over the place. Since this spot is too near Mt. Amery, the single horizontal frame just won’t do. Instead, I took the first image pointing up, the second one leveled and the third tilted down, then combined the three images in post. Have a great weekend guys!
It was a heartbreaking experience when my camera sprang out of the ball head's clamp and dived lens first onto the rocks. Lens snapped off upon impact and went swimming in the lake. 🤦‍♂️ Oh well, shit 💩happens. You know you have the best photographer buddies when they go out of their way, hand you their gear and offers to do alternate shots, no-questions-asked. Can’t recall who’s camera I was using when I took this shot. 😂 😂 Make sure to "Surround yourself with people that push you to do and be better. No drama or negativity. Just higher goals and higher motivation. Good times and positive energy. No jealousy or hate. Simply bringing out the absolute best in each other." - Warren Buffet
Ice, waves and sunstar. The three elements that photographers aim for when photographing the ice beach. Had the pleasure of joining @Iceland_photo_tours last year and was able to nail a few. For me, both ice and swirling waves are the easiest to photograph. Just play between the shutter speed’s sweet spot of 1 to 1.5 seconds and you’ll surely get one. Sunstar will always be the challenge. One trick to get clean and crisp spikes of a sunstar is to not photograph the sun when it’s not fully visible but catch it when it's partly peeking from an edge or a blanket of cloud from the horizon like this one. Hope you all have a great week ahead!
It’s that time of the year when the green lady dances it’s way throughout the night. This was only kp3 when we were in Lofoten two years back. Funny that we were the ones who got tired of photographing and just sat by the shore while watching her dance the entire night. Will you be chasing the northern lights this year?
The Canadian Rockies is like a paradise! Endless photo opportunities of mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, flowers and wildlife. Make sure to check out Columbia Icefield/Athabasca Glacier when you plan a visit!
Usual scene on a summer day along the shores of Policeman Creek, Canmore Alberta. ⛰
Mt. Oberlin, Cannon Mountain, and Bird Woman Falls of Glacier National Park, Montana. Was hoping for an amazing sunset at this spot but got this instead. Had to make the best out of the given conditions. Here’s a two horizontal image merged together, first one leveled and the other one tilted down to include more of the foreground. So glad there were no bears🐻at that time!😪
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