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Here’s a classic image of Arashiyama’s famous Bamboo Forest. It is one of Kyoto’s must see places when you are there. Worth that 1.5hrs travel from Osaka! 👌🏻
Cinque Torri of Dolomites, Italy. The literal translation of “Cinque”, five and “Torri”, Towers. Hence, Five Towers. Located south-west of Cortina d'Ampezzo, one needs to hike up to this spot as the ski lifts are closed on off-seasons. This was our first stop when we visited the area. After an awesome twilight, I was hoping that the golden hour would be just as amazing. So I sat there and waited but the sky just went kaput. To make it more interesting, I went on and looked for nice snow formations, making the best out of the given conditions.
Lago di Antorno, a small lake just after big brother Lago di Misurina. Hard to miss when you make your way to Tre Cime di Lavaredo. One can spot the reflections of Tre Cime and Cadini Peaks from there. 🏔 It was our first day in Dolomites. Exhausted from the long drive from Milan 🧟‍♂️, we decided to just check out nearby spots and maybe do some road-side snaps along the way. The wind was too strong when we stopped by Lake Misurina. Bye-bye 🙋🏻‍♂️to those sweet reflections. Re-checked my GPS 🗺 and saw a small lake just further up, might as well check it out before heading back to Cortina. So glad that we did! 💪🏻 The sky went 🤯 during sunset.
The massive Mount Wilson and the Saskatchewan River of Icefields Parkway, Canada. This area is called Graveyard Flats. Dispersed like little critters 🐜 going on our own separate ways finding interesting stuff to photograph as soon as we arrived. Since we had a plenty of time, I sat there and just watched the sun bathe the entire valley before going back this spot. I positioned myself in the middle of the stream, squatted a bit to make the water flow more intense.😂😂
Just got back from a week-long vacation in Japan. Rented a bike and rode around 🚴🏻‍♂️ the five lakes and visited Chureito Pagoda, climbed it’s 400 steps and managed to watch this awesome sunset. Oh and this is a no tripod place now. Shot it handheld, at high iso and multiple exposures. I ❤️ Japan 🇯🇵 !
This must be the BEST hostel I have been to in my life. @hostelsaruya accommodates only 11 pax max in the main building, making it exceptionally clean, cozy and quiet, unlike most hostels we know of. This is hostel living at its very best. Come to Fujiyoshida with your family or friends, rent a bike and enjoy this wonderful place. PS. This photo of Mt. Fuji was taken on my mobile phone, by the road, right outside the main entrance. Amazing. #hostelsaruya #fuji #mtfuji #fujiyoshida #airbnb #hostel #besthostel #kawaguchiko #chureito #vacation #patrickmarsonong
The ever beautiful Pragser Wildsee or more popularly known as Lago di Braies, located in the Dolomites, South Tyrol of Italy. One of many must-see locations when it’s your first visit to the Dolomites. I stayed in Cortina di Ampezzo, left early and drove all the way to Lago di Braies for sunrise. 🌅 I already knew the number of people that flock the area so I made sure to get there as early as I could. Reached the lake and no one was still there. 💪🏻 Was not expecting that the door leading to the dock for that classic shot of “dock-boat-mountain” spot was locked. 🔒 Was soooo so tempted to just jump the plank on the side which was also locked just to get access. Glad I didn’t, cause I know I’m better than that. I ended up with this comp along the shores of the lake. It was like Disneyland after sunrise. 😬
How about some Athabasca Swirls? 🤭 It was one of those epic mornings  from my visit to the Canadian Rockies last summer. Was not expecting that the light would blow up 🤯 like this since the haze coming from the forest fire was very thick. Since Athabasca Falls is so popular, that the place gets overly crowded during sunset, we opted for a sunrise. Had the entire place to ourselves. Amazing.👌🏼
Had a week-long vacation with my family in Dolomites, Italy last autumn. Still left in awe 😱 after seeing the towering mountain ranges of The Dolomiti. My sister and I took the Tre Cime Di Lavaredo hike and didn’t mind the gale force winds that day. 🌬 Damn, it was the strongest I have ever experienced in my life. We had our elbows crisscrossed with each other while hiking back just to keep our foot on the ground. A boom 🤯 happened while we were taking shelter from the wind. Yup, the sky blew up like crazy. 🤭 How can one resist those pointy spires backed by that burning 🔥 sunset? Grabbed my 100-400mm lens and fired multiples hoping to get something out of that crazy moment!
Had the chance to spend our 2017 Christmas in the Rockies. It was a quick 5-day trip and we stayed in Banff the entire time. You know how it goes when you are on a trip with your family. Always make sure they are numero 1 priority before bringing out my camera 📷 and do what you love. 😉 It was our first morning there and it takes so much effort to wake up in a super comfy and warm hotel room during winter. 😪😴 Still half asleep, thinking its now or never. Went straight for a 🔥🚿. And it’s game face ON. Next, suiting up for a -30Cish..... Takes more effort than waking up. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Drove an hour plus just to get here from Banff, waded through snow, going around finding compositions. Ended up with a combination of two vertical images, one for the sky and the other one tilted down for a larger foreground, a painful face, frozen fingers, and toes.😎 Have an awesome week guys! 💪🏼
Joining the 🔥 social media platform Vero - True Social. If you are already in there, let’s get connected! "No ads, no algorithms and the best thing about it, you don’t have to crop your vertical images! 😉 Here’s a sneak peek of my gallery over at @verotruesocial . Will be posting more images soon. Just waiting for them to streamline their servers due to huge amount of people signing up. See ya guys there! 🙋🏻‍♂️ #Vero #verotruesocial #verotruesocialapp #landscapephotographer #landscapephotography #vero2018 #onverofirst
Visiting the Canadian Rockies during summer is like going to a paradise. Mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, flowers and wildlife. Endless photo opportunities. A haven for photographers. There was a huge fire when we visited last year. Haze reached Oregon and Seattle. I hope that it won’t happen again this summer. Stayed a couple of days at� Glacier View Inn. Mid-way between Jasper and Kootenay Plains. Not used to the price range of high-end hotels, lucky that they allow five in a room sharing so we were able to split the costs. Can’t complain much when the hotel room’s window, frame the breathtaking Columbia Icefield/Athabasca Glacier. Here’s one of many golden mornings just a few meters north of the Glacier View Hotel. Hope you'll enjoy this visual treat. Have a great week!
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