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Due to travel, I will continue my “faves” when I get back from a super secret job. In the meantime I thought I’d entertain you with this. Shot downtown LA about twenty years ago in the middle of the night, lowered 15 floors by a crane whilst standing, in high heels, on a cage whee a poor leopard trembled with vertigo. Fun times! Makeup @moyramulholland , @sammcknight1 #fashion #commercial #crazystuff #whyme #glamour #
Here is my other no longer secret secret: accupuncture. I’ve been a client of Shari Auth @drshariauth for over ten years now, and she has just opened an accupuncture spa downtown Manhattan. I go religiously now, once a week to manage the hand I’ve been given, from anxiety to fibroids to migraines- and get to remain medication free. Shari’s spa is called Wthn ( “within” without the i’s) and I feel so fortunate to have it close by and yes, to share it with you. @wthn #accupuncture #wellness
After perusing Oprah’s Christmas issue, I realized how much I appreciated her sharing her faves, so in that spirit, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite tips, tricks and magic with you guys. This is my secret ( um, not anymore) weapon before shoots, a @laserrae facial. I don’t know half the stuff she does, but all of it feels wonderful and if I may say so myself, makes me look a hundred years younger🤪. #facial #lookbetter #youngerlookingskin #bestfacial
My very first shoot for Vogue. This was French Vogue, and I was 15. . I had made my first trip to the Caribbean for a German catalogue, and the clients somehow forgot to buy me a ticket all the way back home to Paris and instead stranded me in NYC. Alone at JFK at seven am, with no money and no ticket, I somehow persuaded a young black man to drive me to the city and drop me at Elite, my agency. ( The guy was super nice and didn’t make any passes.) I waited outside until the agency opened. And then I got a week’s stay in NYC out of the mistake, and a few go-and-sees, one of which led to this shoot with Mike Reinhard. I couldn’t have been more intimidated or more green. Poor Mike kept sticking me in a chair out of desperation because I didn’t yet really know how to move, or do anything, really. This was not only our first, but also our last shoot. #vogue #czechgirl #fifteenyearsold #fashionstories
As I look over Instagram and see all my friends and acquaintances celebrate the coming of the new year, what strikes me are the similarities. Everyone has had a year of tears, of laughter, of ups and down, of adventures, of discoveries, of being happy and sad and lonely and loved and sick and well. My personal year has been nothing if not a roller coaster. It’s been the best of times and the worst of times. But so very very worth it, for when you experience all of this , good AND bad, you are alive! So here is to another year full of pain and pleasure, sadness and happiness, good and bad. If we only remember how alike we are under our skin and extend our understanding and empathy to one another, maybe all the ups and downs can be managed better. By sharing, the pleasure can be increased and the pain can be easier to bear. Happy new year everyone! . 🍾🎉🥳. This photo is a repost from @porizkovapaulina who has collected an amazing amount of photos of me, many that I have never even seen!
Dreaming of a white Christmas. This is me waking up at seven am on Christmas Eve day. So grateful for my family and love and health. Wish you all peaceful and loving holidays!
Oribe was a force a nature. When I knew him and we worked together, it was like having your hair done by a tornado. Or a typhoon. But one that would stop just short of your head and whip your hair into art that would make you look amazing. And then it would move on in its own indestructible way. It seems absurd that that life force, that vitality, that energy and that TALENT are now extinguished forever. Hair by Oribe photo Mr Penn. #oribeobsessed #oribe #hairstyles #fashion
What do you mean I don’t get to get out off the bag and walk around the car? Why can’t I sit in the front window or the lap of the man driving like I usually do? What do you mean the taxi driver wouldn’t like it? Everyone LOVES me! #cat #catsofinstagram
Cechy pod Kosirem. An amazing little park with a small castle in it, the epitome of my country, where there seems a small castle on every hilltop. This specific place however, has a very special place in my and my cousins Kamila’s heart. While it’s her “ happy place” , I feel like I have memories of it which aren’t entirely mine. Haunting, beautiful and romantic. Like my country. Photo@topbunartist #cechypodkosirem #cesko #czechrepublic #castle
My house. This is where I grew up. Mind you, under communism, although the whole house was ours, tenants got the upper floor and we lived 8 people in a three room apartment on the bottom. Still, this is where I felt most loved and safe. Camera @topbunartist #prostejov #hometown #home
Giving it a twirl. Behind me is (unfortunately only) the bottom of the statue of our national treasure, author Bozena Nemcova. Her most famous book “Babicka” was my security blanket when I was little. Babicka means Grandmother in Czech. Having left Czechoslovakia and my grandmother (who raised me) at the age of nine to go to Sweden with my parents, I desperately missed my babicka. In Bozena Nemcova’s book, the grandmother is a simple, religious peasant woman come to live with her daughter and her family, and grows close to the eldest grandchild, Barunka. Although the novel had been written a hundred years earlier, I felt understood. It kept me company, soaked up my tears and made my life feel a little more bearable. Photo @topbunartist #greatbooks #praha #bozenanemcova #ballgown
When your friend has to help you on with your cousin’s shoes because the dress he designed won’t allow you to bend over properly, and also, you’re just lazy, and also, nice to have such a hottie at your feet, literally... photo. @topbunartist @jirikalfar. #fashion #praha #youngdesigners #czechgirl
Lending a hand; let’s show off the Czech fashion world!! @jirikalfar #praha #czechfashion #czechfashiondesigner
This hottie is the reason I’m back home. @jirikalfar @lucierobinsonphoto #praha #fashion #fashiondesigner
Admiring myself in my brand-new beret from #tonak , a fab Czech brand for hats. Got another one to show off soon! Photo @kotcasek #hats #beret #praha
Check out the Czech chicks at the hotel gym... @junibk @kotcasek #fourseasonshotel #praha
HELLO FROM PRAGUE! Day one, off the plane and into the streets so as not to fall asleep. Photo @kotcasek #Praha #prague #czechtravel
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