Paul-z Z Paul-z

A single dad who loves to play with legos haha

Finally got the kids back to Lego land Mall of America!!
Dodgeball tourney !!! Ashtyn is here also but already jumping lol
This is his "I hate social media" face haha
Ashtyn's first time in the batting cages. She's a natural !!
Gages first tourney hole
Gage and his baseball team pics 2017
First ACE ever!!! More to come hopefully.
Do you want to build a snowman?!! Lol
Ash's 1st time wall climbing lol at that point she said she was scared lol
My bros 31st b day !!!
Last regular season game then the playoffs!!!!
Mini bowling !!!
Last day at tower ridge disc golf until next season. Me and gage enjoying the perfect day with some good people.
My son the leader of the children of the corn haha
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