Peach Pit

eat shit peach pit 🍑

NORD AMERIQUE TOURRR IS OVER!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR COMING TO OUR SHOWS::) FEELING VERY LUCKY RIGHT NOW😍 Special thank you too our tour dad/sound lord “Alt-J” @johnnyzfox and to the worlds best merch princess 👸 @delacruzbianca 😘 Big ups to our dads @sunseekeramerica for becoming our very favourite band ever and too @the_vernes and @ponytailsband for shredding the east and west with us🔥 Love Luv Lurv all my dads🙃
Me and Bridge::) SF TONIGHT!!! Sold out w/ @sunseekeramerica and @ponytailsband
Wow guys:) We are srsly feeling so friggin blessed right now, thank you Vancouver💕 The love and support that we felt on Friday night was so crazy! Love you all so so much😘😘😘 And what an honour to share the hometown stage with absolute rock queen @hblaisauce and Nashville sweeties @sunseekeramerica ::) #blesseddaddy #thankyouthankyouthankyou 📷 @lindseyblane
VANCOUVER TONIGHT! And all our dads gotta DRESS-UP capiche?!! It's gonna be a regular ol' Haloween ho-down ::) - If you had told the itty bitty boys in this photo that they'd be playing a sold out @voguetheatre show in three years, they woulda been like, "pft! yaaaaa right!" We're real excited for this one ❤️
sweaty boys on the cover of the @georgiastraight 💦 VICTORIA TONIGHT! And holyyyy shit THE FRIGGIN VOGUE THEATRE TOMORROW!!!! I’m nervous dad::)
Made it to Denver today and listened to @the_vernes new record the whooolleeee 8 hour drive::) don’t play yourself! Go listen to ittttt😘 #daddyissues
The Bachelorette: Stoners in Paradise 🏝Season 420🏝thx to @the_vernes for hangin with us for a few shows this week::) MTL TONIGHT AVEC @sunseekeramerica and @summerwitch 💥 SOLD OUT* 📷 @sincerely_crosby
new cheese flavoured merch designs by @badbloodclub on the road with us::) @motel6 sponsor your sons pls😘
TOUR DAY UNO::) Seeya tonight NYC! Excited to play a couple new tunes for my dad this month✌️✌️Tix still at the door😘
Oh shiiiiii! WE’RE GIVING AWAY OUR VAN::) If you’re in a band and need one of these puppies hit the link in da bio😘 ITS FREEEEEEEEEE!
V.I.Peach ALERT 🚨 We’re rippin out on America’s highways in a few weeks::) if you gotta ticket to our show and wanna come around early to hang with us just hit the link in bio 😘 Gunna play a few tunes Aaaand give ya some limited edish merch OoOooo🙃 Seeya soon dad
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