Drop into and grab a coffee and a @team.telegram kit. #thepeopleskit
Join the fun. #thepeopleskit x . Launching another run so dont miss out. Contact for more info
Get your @team.telegram kit now. #thepeopleskit PM for details.
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Winter isn't going away. #thepeopleskit
Proud to support WACX and provide the state cx champ jerseys alongside @browniegraeme. Well done to @guykalma and all other winners. Absolutely dope event, so all us bike riders are the real winner. #thepeopleskit #kitthatfits
We ran out of these guys quickly... but don't sweat (or freeze), we just got a restock!!' Fire away! #thepeopleskit
Into the wild... #thepeopleskit
Yes it's winter, and yes our black long sleeves are low in stock. But while we wait for more stock, we have a few more of these guys, ON SALE!!! Pick yours up today #thepeopleskit
Warm, light and comfortable. Did you know that our long sleeve blocks 80% of the wind. It's incredible. #thepeopleskit
Winter in #planetperth Keep the chill off on your way to work with our incredible long sleeve #thepeopleskit
Be cold no more. Light weight, thermal and wind-blocking. It will be your favourite piece of kit. Trust us #thepeopleskit
Block colours... #thepeopleskit
Gear that works... so relax, we will worry about your comfort #thepeopleskit
Try something different #thepeopleskit
Cold. Why not be warm? This jersey, with its unique fabric, takes the sting off the wind chill, while also being thermal, but small enough to pack away in your back pocket. For an added bonus, the logos are reflective! #thepeopleskit
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