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We have something exciting in store for you! @paulocoelho ’s most autobiographical novel to date, #Hippie Tag someone who'd love to read this & stay tuned for more!
Probably the funniest book I’ve ever read. It’s even better if you get someone to read it to you. But obviously not someone annoying. 😏 #AniaKhuranaRecommends #PoliteSociety #MaheshRao @mraozing 📷: @hanabanana22
A gorgeous reimagining of EM Forster’s Howard’s End. There’s so much to love and anticipate in a reimagining of a classic novel. #AniaKhuranaRecommends #Politesociety #MaheshRao @mraozing Thanks for this photo, @femcult52
There are more truths in this book than any other. I read this every year too. In spite of my insane schedule. #aniakhuranarecommends #PoliteSociety #AniaTakesOverPenguinInsta @mraozing 📷: @biblio.babble what a stunning photo!
This is my favourite Jane Austen, so quiet and profound. I read it every year. EMMA I love too but there’s something about it that I find a little disturbing. #AniaKhuranaRecommends #PoliteSociety #AniaTakesOverPenguinInsta @mraozing Photo credits : @jessmreadsbooks
Win the first part in the Kalki Chronicles by @abhinavy125 by answering just one question :why would you like to read this book? #TheSagesSecret #KalkiChronicles #Abhinav
Weekend is LIT!
Swipe left for the Penguin horror series. #PenguinHorror
Guess who? (HINT: His latest book is titled Hippie)
Tag your friend who lives abroad and ask them to share their experience there. #SharmilaSen #NotQuiteNotWhite
Looking for some fun books? @kevinkwanbooks has made it easy to pick. 📷: @readbooksforbreakfast ❤️
Tell us what according to you makes a couple perfect and you can win a copy of this book! #DurjoyDatta @durjoydatta
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