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All things music, audio, engineering, tech, producing, mixing, songwriting, & music business with @DavePensado & Herb Trawick. Watch #PensadosPlace πŸ‘‡

#JustIn : Dave covers Synth Effects on Guitars in this week’s #ITL . Click the link in bio to watch now. πŸ’»πŸŽ› (song by @jahkoy prod. by @sunnydiamonds ) #Producer #Mixer #AudioEngineer #ITL #PensadosPlace
Our latest is full of inspiration as we sit with @tyrese and Mixer/Engineer @richardfurchmix. Click the link in our bio to watch now πŸ’»πŸŽ™πŸŽ› #TyreseGibson #PensadosPlace #Singer #Songwriter #Artist #Mixer #AudioEngineer
The Fall Free 4 All Sweepstakes has officially arrived! Brought to you by Warm Audio and Groove 3 Inc. with prizing from @sonarworks , @izotopeinc , @eventideaudio , @leapwingaudio , @tascampro , and @ikmultimedia , as well as @warmaudio and @groove3inc. Contest begins TODAY thru October 26th, 2018. EVERY person who enters will receive a 30-Day All Access Pass to exceptional instructional videos by your favorite audio pros provided by Groove3! 3 weekly winners will be announced every week for 4 weeks. The Grand Prize winner will be announced at the end of the contest. WEEKLY PRIZING INCLUDES: Warm Audio Mic Trio: WA 47jr FET Condenser Microphone β€’ WA-14 Condenser Microphone β€’ WA-87 Condenser Microphone // TASCAM: Track Factory β€’ Portastudio // iZotope: Neutron 2 // Sonarworks: Reference 4.1 // Eventide: SP 2016 // Leapwing Audio: DynOne plugin // Pensado's Place: Recording Vocals with Dave Pensado book IK Multimedia Week 1 Prizing: β€’ iLoud Micro Monitors β€’ T-RackS Max IK Multimedia Week 2 Prizing: β€’ SampleTank 3 β€’ iRig Keys I/O IK Multimedia Week 3 Prizing: β€’ iRig Stomp I/O β€’ Amplitube Max IK Multimedia Week 4 Prizing: β€’ iRig Pro I/O β€’ Lurssen Mastering Console GRAND PRIZE includes a guest appearance on Pensado's Place as well as a Warm Audio bundle: WA 47 Tube Condenser Microphone β€’ WA73-EQ Single Channel British Mic Pre β€’ WA-2A Opto Compressor // iZotope bundle: Ozone 8 β€’ Neutron 2 // Eventide: Anthology X // Sonarworks: Reference 4 // Leapwing: DynOne β€’ CenterOne // TASCAM: Track Factory β€’ Portastudio // IK Multimedia bundle: Total Studio 2 Max β€’ iLoud Micro Monitors Click the link in our Story to enter now.
#TBT : Wise words from Herb πŸ’‘ #StayCurious
Artist / Singer-Songwriter @ericbellinger stopped by to teach us a few things about meditation, talk what it means to transition from songwriter to artist, and much more in our latest episode. Click the link in bio to watch now πŸ’»πŸŽ™ (πŸ“Έ: @jacklumetri )
For our 200th #ITL episode, @davepensado has some fun mixing drum toms. Click the link in our bio to watch now. πŸ’»πŸŽ›πŸŽšπŸ₯
We caught up with Artist / Singer-Songwriter, Eric Bellinger (@ericbellinger ), to discuss what it’s like to go from working behind the scenes as a songwriter to being in the forefront as an Artist, the art of songwriting, the power and importance of meditation and mental health in music, and much more. Click the link in bio to watch now. πŸ’»πŸŽ™πŸŽ›#EricBellinger #Artist #Singer #Songwriter #PensadosPlace #ITL #Producer #Audio #AudioEngineer #Mixer
#TBT When Dave shared β€œThe Top 5 Things to Do Every Mix” in ITL #69 . Click the link in our bio to find the full episode on our channel. πŸ’»πŸŽ›πŸŽš #audio #mixer #mixengineer #audioengineer #producer #ITL #pensadosplace
Click the link in bio to hear the rest of how our latest guest - @tvontheradio Member / Producer, @davesitek - turned a loop into β€œLovehappy” by The Carters. @beyonce #jayz #thecarters #lovehappy #everythingislove #pensadosplace #davesitek #tvontheradio #producer
Click the link in our profile to watch our latest #ITL where Dave is joined by his assistant @nicosjones to discuss and demonstrate how they use @sonarworks technology to tune their studio rooms. πŸŽ›πŸ’»
Diving deep into the depths of the power of music with Producer / @tvontheradio member, @davesitek. Click link in bio to watch now. #TVOnTheRadio #TheCarters #Lovehappy #Producer #Songwriter #Artist
Dave getting baked w/ Mike Dean > Elon Musk smoking weed w/ Joe Rogan. (πŸŽ₯: @GRAMLESSPOLLACK )
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