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Behold, the Terror of Undermountain! Learn more about contest winner Will Kalkanis-Ellis and see the other top 10 entries.

@andy.okay found some unlikely friends for #Ps_Opposites .
Does @tobilow ’s #Ps_Reflection piece spark your imagination? Share your own reflective work with us this month!
Discovering polar opposites with #Ps_Reflection . Piece by @truthbynature
Fly fishing for flying fish with @alexander.mnss. #Ps_Reflection
Have you ever seen anything this foxy? Piece by @hey.luisa.
It’s hard to keep your eye on the ball with this #Ps_Reflection piece by @panjiskm_.
Be a deer and submit your work for #Ps_Reflection ! Piece by @s1ef4n.
Hi, everyone! @marcozagara here with the final piece of my takeover. In this edit, I wanted to represent the immense power of reflections. I think they can reveal your deepest emotions, they can let you find out totally unexpected sides of yourself, but they can also give you the possibility to visualize something that's not real. Check out today’s Instagram Stories to see how this image was created. • Now, it's your turn to show your creative reflections! Tag your work with #Ps_Reflection for a chance to be featured this month on the @Photoshop Instagram page!
Hi there! It's @marcozagara. Today, I have the pleasure of showing you a bit of space travel. Just imagine taking the interplanetary metro every day to commute to work. Now, tell me this doesn't sound fun! • The best part of this edit was blending the objects together, especially the astronaut, to make the whole scene seem realistic. I usually use a lot of color lookups and adjustment layers in Photoshop, and then I always finalize my work with the white Camera Raw filter. • Check out today's Instagram Stories to see how I created this space scene!
Hello everyone! @marcozagara here again. As you might know by now, I really love to include space-related elements in my edits. In this image I wanted to combine space with a lightbulb, which is often used to symbolize ideas, because most of my work stems from imagining the universe. I'm curious to know, what is your approach to creating and expressing yourself? • Check out today's Instagram Stories for a tap to edit to see how this idea became this piece!
Hi, @marcozagara here! I've always been intrigued by the idea of opposites, and what better subjects than fire and ice to represent this? • I started with the base image, then I replaced and masked both faces. I masked the two elements inside the irises too. I finished the piece by masking fire and ice and blending them with the faces using the blending mode "Overlay". • Check out today's Instagram Stories for a step-by-step tap to edit!
Hello everyone, it's @marcozagara here! I'm a digital artist and graphic design student from Italy, and I'm honored and super excited to take over the Photoshop Instagram page this week! • I started creating in @Photoshop three years ago, and it was the best thing I ever did! The ability to create whatever I imagine inspires me more than anything else. I love to play with vibrant colors and simple, surreal compositions. There’s nothing more fascinating to me than space, so I really love to include these space-related elements in my edits. • If you had to choose, which of these cups would you pick? I'm so curious to hear your answers! • Check out our Instagram Stories this week if you're interested in catching a glimpse of my journey!
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