Saqib Iqbal

Research scholar based in the UK. Founder of Kanz ul Huda int *MAWLID proven with 10 sahih ahadith references* See link

Rabi un Noor Mubarak to all 💚
The biggest event in the 25 year history of the Fiji Muslim leagues Mawlid Conferences. According to the organisers Shaykh Saqib Iqbal Hh attracted the biggest Mawlid crowd in Fiji, with the Shaykh’s admirers attending from all over to watch their beloved Shaykh LIVE in the beautiful Island country of Fiji. This annual Conference has been attended by followers of various religions and famous Christian and Hindu leaders for years and who have also been attending with their families. Some people initially feared that imposing segregation upon non-Muslim attendees may distance them from Islam as they have always attended this conference and preferred to sit together with their male and female family members, but Alhamdulillah this was the first time, that upon the Hukm of our Shaykh, the organisers arranged for a segregated area for sisters according to the islamic law, along with a completely separate entrance/exit to which no one complained in the slightest. Muslims and non-Muslims loved the lecture so much that they totally forgot about their strange concept of equality, which is against the fundamentals of Islam, and left with a new found respect for this beautiful religion thanks to Shaykh Saqib Iqbal Hh who explained the wisdom behind segregation and how Islam protects and promotes women’s rights, honouring and preserving their lofty rank bestowed upon them by God Almighty . Kanz ul Huda international would like to take this opportunity to thank the Fiji Muslim league for organising such a beautiful Mawlid Conference and for respecting our Shaykh’s advice.
Only 12 days to go
Mashallah! Isn't our Shaykh just beautiful?
Before and after meeting Shaykh Saqib Iqbal hh Masha'Allah.
The heart beat of millions, Shaykh Saqib Iqbal hh in the courtyard of his hotel room in Fiji, late night yesterday MashaAllah.
Our Beloved Murshid Shaykh Saqib Iqbal hh in Fiji yesterday. MashaAllah
So true! Subhan'Allah!
Mawlid is a Sunnah
View from hotel room. Shaykh Saqib Iqbal hh today in Fiji. MashaAllah
May the almighty bless our Shaykh, who is working tirelessly spreading the message of Islam throughout the world. Even whilst his eminence, conducts the world dawah tour, Sayyidi Shaykh Saqib Iqbal hh has still managed to write another master piece, academically unmasking many misconceptions and inconsistencies. Sayyidi Shaykh Saqib Iqbal hh's latest book, is available on Kanz ul Huda's website.
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