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As you all know this is the best flashlight light I have ever owned! It’s been a life saver in my hiking and camping trips so far this year! 3000 lumen light by @litezall 🤙🏼 dm me for a discount!
I have to say having the @litezall flashlights with me at all times has came in handy soooo many times! Y’all should definitely think about investing into some of their gear because it is amazing! Go to their website and use code 10pnwbassin for a discount on any product!
Which fish do you think is bigger? This was part of our journey to my first 20lb bag and it was a killer day on the water! The video is on my YouTube channel if you guys want to check it out. We also got checked by the game warden and dodged a bullet! The link is in my bio to the video check it out and let me know what you guys think!
What’s the craziest thing you have found at a lake or river? I attempted a river treasure video inspired by @brandonmjordan and I’d say things went pretty well! Click the link in my bio and check out this adventure!
how much do you think these fish weighed combined?? Had a great trip fishing potholes reservoir last weekend! During this trip some of the worst things that happen while fishing happened to us, go find out what happened on my YouTube channel! ( link in bio ) Also you can see how we caught these two studs!😎
I can’t believe we found this while fishing.. how big do you think this fish is that we attempted to RESCUE? Go find out the real weight on my video! Full video in my bio! • • Subscribe to my YouTube channel!
@luckytacklebox comes with amazing magic lures that you need to try out!! Which lure would you use in this picture? Message me if you want a $5 off coupon to get your own box of lures!
iPhones don’t take too bad of photos do they?? If you had a boat would you want talons? I have to say they definitely come in handy! How was everyone’s weekend? I know you guys were catching some mondos!! Let me know! • • Subscribe to my YouTube link in bio!
Really nice smallmouth I pulled out of this small pond using a 15in Huddleston weighed in at 5.3! This guy looks like a turtle made a snack out of his tail! Usually don’t post this late but lately I have not been active at all on YouTube or Instagram and it’s killin me! Do me a favor and click the link in my bio and SMASH that subscribe button (I’ll love you forever..) stay with me guys we are gonna be active again very soon!!
If you guys have been a follower for awhile now you probably have noticed I’m not a big swim bait guy at all! While filming a cheap vs expensive swim bait challenge for my YouTube channel I hooked into this fat fish! My second ever swim bait fish!! First person to guess the weight of this fish gets a story shoutout tomorrow! Guess away!!🎣 hint: looks smaller than it was😂
This is a light you want right here! Head to my story and SWIPE UP to get 10% off a light like this one! Use code “10pnwbassin” @litezall thanks @_justin_harrison_ for the truck test!
Just posted another video on YouTube! I loved the way the b-roll ended up looking and it would be awesome if you could go give me some love on YouTube! ( link in bio ) “fishing in 92+ degree water temps” what do you guys think about the b-roll??
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