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Pure summit joy from Genevieve (@genevieve_hope ) on Glacier Peak! Get it!
Shoutout to Brittany (@gorisb ) for her FFA of City Park in Index, Washington! Such a sick send!
Melise (@meliseymo ) provides endless inspiration with her passion, intelligence, and empathy. Check out her feed for plenty of real talk, perspective, and try-hard!
“Finding my limits, then breaking them.” We can totally get behind this! Badass shot of Kimber (@kimberbelle ) and her try-hard face from @spencer.kirk #PNWOW
Talk about infectious joy! We are digging this shot of Karina (@kinahelena ), feeling the good feels in the mountains! Tag a mountain buddy who makes you feel this good!
When you’re trying to crush but someone needs a cuddle! Love this photo of Aletheia (@aletheiacyr ) and friend!
We love seeing you all get on the trail with little ones. This especially beautiful moment was shared by Sulee (@mrs_sulee_soriano_ )! Thank you for sharing!
It’s hard to beat trails in the Pacific Northwest! Maria (@mariadalzot ) knows a thing or two about getting after it on them! Gorgeous shot!
SUMMER GOALS! It’s that tricky time of year where avalanches are popping, trails are snowed in, and the weather is all over the place. It’s a great time to take stock of your gear. What’s missing? What’s in need of repair? What’s dirty and what needs to be donated? It’s also a great time of year to set some goals for the Summer! What are you all hoping to get up to this year? We want to know! 📸 of @paulinadao by PNWOW co-founder, @missmeghanyoung
Maiza (@maizalimarock ) is killing it on her tour around the country! We love seeing her photos and gorgeous smile light up our feed! 📸: @mikemarcacci
GIVE AWAY FOR EARTH DAY! Want to win an awesome PNW Outdoor Women green trucker hat AND help your planet at the same time? Let’s start with a little Plastic 101. This year the focus for Earth day is on plastic reduction. Unfortunately, about 91% of plastic ISN’T recycled; it ends up in landfills or the ocean and eventually back to us. Plastic is made from many chemicals that aren’t just bad for the earth, they are bad for us as well. If plastic is thrown out in the form of litter, it often ends up in rivers and lakes, which eventually go to the ocean. Once in the ocean they can become a part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, suspended in the water column throughout the ocean, washed up on beaches, and eaten by various creatures. The only way to prevent this from happening is to stop using as much plastic as we can! For those of us on the trails this means: -Making our own snacks at home: make your own energy bars, squeeze tubes, and more! -Using reusable items (water bottles, thermoses, women’s hygiene products, cloth “ziplocks”, beeswax wrap, straws, refillable lighters, bamboo silverware, cloth diapers, etc). -Supporting companies and products that aim to reduce plastic use. Now you are probably wondering, what can I do or how can I win that sweet hat? This is where the fun begins! Post a photo of how you are either reducing your plastic usage or cleaning up the trails and tag #PNWOWgoesGreen for a chance to win! You have until Monday, April 23rd 11:59 PM to enter. Good luck and get green 🌎! We will be hosting two Earth Day trail clean-ups this week. If you want to join, check us out on Facebook to learn more information!
It may be raining but that means just one thing, snow in the mountains! Who else is planning on hitting the slopes this weekend? Elena (@findmeoutside ) is looking pretty excited in this shot by Elise (@kukupaws ). Thanks for sharing with us!
Juril (@happyjuril23 ) looks pretty excited to be checking out these sweet caves! We would be too! Love it!
There are just 24 short hours left in our latest @sugarsky pre-sale! Choose from an eco-friendly tube, bandana or headband to rep your PNWOW pride on the trail. The best part? A portion of all proceeds will go towards supporting the hard work of @nwacus ! Click the link in our bio before they are gone forever!
If you can't avoid the rain, embrace it! Love this shot of Shelby (@shelbygriffith ) and Karina (@kinahelena ) by Hannah (@thisisthehanman ) A walk in the woods is always better with friends!
Loving this smile (and that trout) on @northwestflygirl ! We can't wait to get back out to the rivers this season! Any other fisherwomen out there?
Wish we were waking up here! Backpacking, dry weather and good friends to enjoy it with. Love this shot of Evelyn (@ec_robinson ) by Morgan (@cravingthecoast ) thanks for sharing your adventure!
Love seeing all your photos from this weekend, especially this one of Sarina (@sarina_clark ) crushing it out in Leavenworth! Looks like the perfect trip, sunshine and all! Photo by @drawntohighplaces
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