Ariana Romero

food and travel enthusiast

modestly feelin my oats
Oh soooo its thursday thursday
casually enjoying my gluten free, carb free, cruelty free vegan water 🌱 #namaste
I enjoy long walks along the chatahooch and never leave my house without an rx bar. Hai Hunni.
Finally got rid of my weave! @ your Brazilian remy bundles in the comments.
Roll w me and I’ll have you living your happiest life losing 30lbs eating nothing but @jenisicecreams . Dropping the next self help/ nutrition book 2019. #wait4it
I just really like this
The secret to a hot sexy body is a diet rich in @jenisicecreams. You can thank me later
@travelchannel sponsor a vacation for me bb
“Take pics of me being fake casual”
I know a girl that saves pics of places she’s flown. To post later and make it seem like she still on the go.
I wasn’t hiding Georgia from the world. I was hiding the world from Georgia.
Spent 2 hours + friends + locksmith fees looking for my lost car keys at the grocery store. Life is still good.
Feminist Island. I like it. #mexication
I am surrounded by an abundance of love and am so grateful. Cheers to another year. #KobeYear
Its my world you’re just livin in it 💕 #sabrosongo
Gemini szn is here!
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