Ariana Romero

food and travel enthusiast 🌻

Finally got rid of my weave! @ your Brazilian remy bundles in the comments.
Roll w me and I’ll have you living your happiest life losing 30lbs eating nothing but @jenisicecreams . Dropping the next self help/ nutrition book 2019. #wait4it
I just really like this
The secret to a hot sexy body is a diet rich in @jenisicecreams. You can thank me later
@travelchannel sponsor a vacation for me bb
“Take pics of me being fake casual”
I know a girl that saves pics of places she’s flown. To post later and make it seem like she still on the go.
I wasn’t hiding Georgia from the world. I was hiding the world from Georgia.
Spent 2 hours + friends + locksmith fees looking for my lost car keys at the grocery store. Life is still good.
Feminist Island. I like it. #mexication
I am surrounded by an abundance of love and am so grateful. Cheers to another year. #KobeYear
Its my world you’re just livin in it 💕 #sabrosongo
Gemini szn is here!
Feelin my oats.
Wondering why they didn’t cast me as the bride in Kill Bill. Highly upset.
Winner. Winner. Chicken....... Dinner
Mas meu amor não tem problema 🍯
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