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Make this night ours
Bus ride to Malecon, Havana
Life is a constant adventure, enjoy it while you can. Cant wait to hike here again soon ♥️
Paroqquia de Guadalupe
I need to explore Mexico a little bit deeper
This trip is definitely something to remember 😍
Random portrait finds in the village of Batad. #the_ph
Morning greetings in Buscalan village. Can wait to be home soon ❤️
Cant wait to go back in a few weeks ❤️
Its time to hit up the desert trails again
Drove out to the desert a few days ago and now im driving up to the mountains ❤️
Gloomy rice terraces
Blacksmith making knives and “Bolos” used by villagers for farming in Buscalan. #the_ph
Sigway Ngayaan, she doesnt remember her age, is one of the few remaining tattooed elders of the Butbut tribe that still wear the fragments of the rich body art tradition, this tribal practice is now slowly fading into abandonment as modernization continues to change the village. - - - #body_art #tattoo #buscalan #the_ph
Missing Colorado ❤️
Theres a light that never goes out.
Days don’t taste like summer anymore #ingloom
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