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Does anyone else find it a little heartbreaking that these days we take more photos than ever before, yet most of these images end up sitting idle on our devices, never to be looked at again? Somehow, flicking through an album of photos on Facebook doesn’t hold quite the same sentiment as flicking through a real photo album or a stack of glossy prints. Since I’ve been spending more time at home, I’ve been making a concerted effort to actually print out some of my travel photos using @mixbook. I can’t explain how nice it is to now have some of my fondest travel memories scattered throughout my home! ••• PS. For anyone who wants a bit of homespiration, I’ve just posted an article on my blog with different ways to incorporate your travels into your home décor! Link is in my bio. #Mixbook
The top of a mountain is my FAVOURITE place to watch the sunrise- what’s yours? 💁🏼‍♀️ ••• Seriously had such an epic weekend at @hothamalpineresort ! Despite my initial skepticism about the snow in Australia, I’m so glad I actually got to experience it for myself! I don’t think it will be the last time I hit the Aussie slopes 🏂 ••• @jucyworld #SKI4FREE #JUCYworld #JUCYhotham
Why stay at a regular hotel when you can stay at a retrofitted airstream trailer on a random rooftop in the middle of the Melbourne instead? 💁🏼‍♀️ ••• Staying at the @notelmelbourne literally felt like stepping back in time to the 60’s... Easily the quirkiest place I’ve ever stayed at inside a city! ✌🏼 #notahotel
At the start of the year, I had the privilege of visiting Uganda, and it was one of the most eye-opening travel experiences I’ve had in a long time. So often we hear about NGO’s and the work they are doing in developing countries, yet it’s easy to be skeptical of the impact these organizations are actually having. Getting to see firsthand the change @watotointl has brought to Uganda has filled me with so much positivity. It also highlighted to me the importance of supporting these NGO’s as they cannot function without people like you and I giving our time, money and talent. 🙏🏼 ••• On that note, I’m really excited to let you all know that @watotoaustralia is currently running a competition to win a trip to Uganda! If you want to go on the trip of a lifetime and are an Australian resident from QLD, NSW, SA or VIC, head to the link in my bio to enter the competition 🤗
Turns out “chillin’ by the fire while we eatin’ fondue” isn’t just a line from a JB song- it’s something you can actually do at @hothamalpineresort 🧀 🔥⛺️🙈 ••• I had such a dreamy night at the @alpine_nature_experience ! We snowshoed through the forest to a little eco village, where we sat by the fire and drunk mulled wine before retreating into a teepee to make a cheese fondue for dinner. I never thought I would be in Australia and somehow feel like I was in the European Alps yet here we are 💁🏼‍♀️ ••• @jucyworld #SKI4FREE #JUCYworld #JUCYhotham
There is no feeling quite like waking up on a mountain at the crack of dawn, looking outside and realizing it’s going to be a bluebird day 😍 ••• @jucyworld @hothamalpineresort #SKI4FREE #JUCYworld #JUCYhotham
Last weekend was my first time visiting the snow in Australia AND my first time snowboarding ❄️🏂 I’m not going to lie, I’ve always been a little skeptical of Australia’s ski slopes, but Mount Hotham turned out to be a very pleasant surprise! I can now take pride in the fact that we actually have skiable mountains here in Aussieland (I can also take pride in the fact I didn’t spend as much time on my butt snowboarding as I thought I would) 🙈 ••• PS. For anyone thinking of hitting the slopes this winter, hire a @JUCYworld van and you’ll get free skiing at Mount Hotham for up to 6 days with their #SKI4FREE deal! ••• @hothamalpineresort #JUCYworld #JUCYhotham
After spending the past few weeks hiding inside in Auckland, taking a little winter gal getaway to @thecoromandel was such a breathe of fresh air. We spent our time getting pampered, soaking in hot springs, cozying up by the fire of our @bachcarenz pad, watching the sunrise on the beach, wine tasting at a local vineyard and cruising through Cathedral Cove by boat. I’ve only ever seen the Coromandel buzzing with tourists in summer, so it was a pleasant change to see it in such a tranquil state! Have you visited a typical summer destination in winter? I’m starting to think I need to do it more often! #goodforyoursoul
Ain’t no party like a dinner party 🎉 This year, I have found myself really compartmentalizing my travels and my everyday life. This has meant that I only really post on social media whilst I am traveling. Although I’ve really needed this time to find a disconnect from my job and be present in the day-to-day, I feel that it is about time to share a little more about my life here in Auckland. It’s honestly been such a blessing to have a place to actually call home. I’ve surprised myself by how much I enjoy the domestic life- everything from cooking proper meals, hosting dinner parties, buying homewares & furniture (@mockanz has been a lifesaver in this department!), looking after indoor plants (well, trying not to kill them) and just having a semi-normal routine. Sure, these things may not sound as glamorous as picnicking in Paris or as adventurous as hiking through the Himalayas, but there is still a whole lot of joy to be found in day-to-day life 🤗
Nothing quite like first light by the lakeside ⛅️
My advice? Only go chasing waterfalls if they look like this ✌🏼💦
Beaches, bonfires, boardgames & besties 🌊 🔥🎲👯‍♀️ •••• Tofino was one of the most unexpected delights during our visit to BC! Between its stunning scenery, world-class surf, thriving food & coffee scene, friendly locals and super chilled vibes, it’s easy to see why everyone in BC flocks to this hotspot on Vancouver Island for their holidays! •••• #ExploreBC #ExploreVancouverIsland #YourTofino
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