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Easily one of the most magnificent ski fields that I’ve laid eyes... I finally understand why everyone is so obsessed with the snow in Japan! Already planning my next skiing trip here ⛷😍 #visitjapanjp #undiscoveredjapan #enjoymyjapan
Stumbled upon one of the THE most enchanting places I’ve ever been here in Hokkaido ✨ Ningle Terrace is a boardwalk of boutique shops which wind through the forest, each one housed in little wooden cabin and adorned with fairy lights. Literally felt like a European Christmas Market, right here in Japan! 😍 #visitjapanjp #undiscoveredjapan #enjoymyjapan #ad
Happy International Women’s Day! Today I’ve been reflecting on how important it is for us women to band together by uplifting one another, inspiring one another and empowering one another. To celebrate IWD, I wanted to share with you the story of a very special young woman I met a few weeks ago in Uganda. 💕 This young woman’s name is Pamela. Pamela is 15 years old, loves to play soccer, and aspires to become a banker. A year ago, I saw a photo of Pamela on the @watotoaustralia website and decided that I would sponsor her. 12 months later, I had the absolute privilege of meeting Pamela in person (you can watch the video in the Uganda highlights on my profile). Life has not been easy for Pamela. She lost her parents when she was very young. Thankfully, Watoto was able to step in, after a referral from local authorities, and she became part of the Watoto family. She now lives in a home with 7 siblings and a house mother, who have become a loving family to her. She is provided with food, shelter, healthcare and an education, as well as the opportunity to pursue higher studies so she can one day fulfil her dream of becoming a banker. As I sat at lunch with Pamela and her family in her home, listening to her talking about her passions and plans for the future with hope glimmering in her eyes, my own eyes welled up with tears of joy. I am so thankful that organizations such as @watotoaustralia exist, organizations that lift up and empower young women like Pamela to become leaders in their communities. Her situation may have once seemed hopeless, but she now has hope for a bright, bright future. So today, I want to put out a challenge to myself & to everyone out there - what more can we be doing to empower and help the vulnerable women in the world? If we want to see more women like Pamela being able to rise up and fulfil their potential, we need to be the ones to take action. 🙏🏼 #internationalwomensday #pressforprogress
Taking a quick break from sharing my adventures in Japan to give a shoutout to my hometown of Auckland. Whilst it is so easy to glorify traveling to new & exciting destinations, it’s a lot harder to be gratefulness for the place we call home. As I reflect on the past 6 months, setting up a base in Auckland has brought much-needed balance into my life, and I feel both healthier & happier than I did when I was traveling 24/7. My goal for this year is to appreciate my time at home as much as I appreciate my overseas adventures! @kaptenandson #bekapten #kaptenandson #ad
Growing up in a place where the temperature barely fluctuates year-round really makes me appreciate dramatic changes in seasons! Last time I visited Hokkaido, everything was green and dotted with colorful flowers, and now it’s drenched in white. Tell me- what’s your favourite season?! ❄️ ••• PS. Fun fact- this is the Ken & Mary Tree, made famous in Japan thanks to a Nissan commercial which aired over 40 years ago. How is that for the power of advertising 🙃 ••• #visitjapanjp #undiscoveredjapan #enjoymyjapan
Walkin’ in a winter wonderland & although I can’t feel my toes, I couldn’t be happier to be here in snowy Hokkaido! ❄️ • Last night, we visited the Sounkyo Hyobaku Festival. I got lost inside a giant Ice Castle that I swear was straight out of the movie Frozen and I wasn’t mad about it 😂☃️ • #visitjapanjp #undiscoveredjapan #enjoymyjapan
So excited to have finally made it back to Japan! 🇯🇵 Last time I visited it was the middle of summer, and I promised myself that in my lifetime I would come back to experience each of the Japan’s distinct seasons. Now I’m getting to tick winter off the list! After briefly touching down in Tokyo, I’m off to spend the week exploring the north island of Hokkaido, which is currently in winter wonderland mode ❄️
The past few weeks have been an absolute rollercoaster ride. Traveling from the U.A.E (one of the wealthiest nations in the world) to Uganda was an eye-opening experience to say the least... The contrast between the two places could not be more stark. I’ll be honest- recently, I’ve been running low on motivation when it comes to the Instagram world. The industry seems to be flooded with superficiality, competitiveness & self-consumption, and it’s all too easy to get caught up in these things. My time in Uganda put SO MUCH in perspective, reminding me of what is truly important in life. Seeing the struggles that the people of this country face on a daily basis was heart-wrenching. It’s hard to comprehend why some people struggle to put food on the table whilst some of us have life so (comparatively) easy. By the end of my trip, I came to the realization that feeling guilty for the life that I’ve been gifted is not actually productive. The very least I can do is be eternally grateful & use what I have to help those less fortune then myself, instead of wasting my energy getting caught up on superficial things. During my time in Uganda, I got the privilege of visiting an incredible organization called @watotoaustralia. It’s one thing to hear about the amazing things a charity is doing, but getting to see the impact with my own eyes was a whole new ball game. To give you an overview, Watoto has 3 villages across Uganda, home to over 3000 vulnerable women & children. At Watoto they believe in holistic care, meaning babies like the one in this photo will grow up with a home, a family, medical care and an education, right through to University. Thanks to Watoto, children in situations that seemed utterly hopeless have now been given hope for a bright future. At the end of the day, organizations like Watoto wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the generosity of people offering their time/ money/ influence to lend a hand to those in need. If you’d like to learn more about Watoto & how you can support their work, head to my bio link or check the Uganda story in my profile. It may feel like our impact is just a drop in the ocean, but together, we CAN create change. 🙏🏼
Very excited to be heading back to one of my favourite places in Asia this weekend! Any guesses where I am going? 🙈🥢⛩🍚🍃
Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms 🌈☔️
Desert dreaming 💭
Golden hour in Dubai ✨💛
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