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**When @ppei_tuning and @edgeproducts team up - YOU WIN! **SHARE*!!! 😱😱😱 CONTROL YOUR 01-2016 Duramax, 08-2019 Ford 6.7L, and your 3.0L PSD, anddd your 2010+ Cummins (and Titan!) though the awesome EDGE CTS2 - RIGHT on the screen! Soo we presented this idea to Edge Products last year.. It is finally here! We supplied them the necessary data and did the necessary testing! We will have it all on our site for order next week. It will also work with your current switches :-) We are working with Edge Products to continue the progress so that CTS2 current and future users will have the monitor they know and love - while also controlling many CAN-BASED functions right from the screen! We also are incorporating our new 10 bar map sensors for duramax that fit in the factory location along with our EGT solution that can defuel the vehicle using the factory EGT sensors to your desired EGT range! This will also have support for our L5P switching and ECODIESEL switching. Expect more for less from the proven CTS2! This little device is about to take wings as we expand across its already awesome diagnostic interface! Side Note: #PPEI refused to private label this feature. We wanted the whole industry to benefit from this. Good for all tuners.. We hope you enjoy. - - #ppeifamily #ppei #ppeituning #edgeproducts #edgeinsight #duamax #cummins #powestroke #dieselworld #dieselarmy #dieselpower #dieseltech #performancetuning #betterthanstock #shiftonthefly
EcoDiesel OBD Flashing coming right up 😏
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