Pranjal GodHand Rawat

|Bboy GodHand | Power Tricks| youtube : GodHand @projektstreetdance_official @breaknchillteam #india #newdelhi

The Namaste Freeze! 📸 by @_monochromes_
Iam proud to announce that we @projektstreetdance_official will be Organising 2nd edition of Project Street Art(PSA) on 29th july .Book your dates everyone.We have categories like 7to Smoke Bgirls ,Crew on Crew and one new edition i.e One hand armless battle.Apart from that we will be having record challenges and some special performances also .Kindly slide left to check out more details.Spread the news if you can.See you all there
Early morning session.Delhi is getting hotter every year and conditions are not favourable to practice ,so you have to adjust yourself in order to grow!
Pic from motivational practice at @combonation10
Signature! @combonation10
True happiness right there.Thank you @combonation10 photographers for the pictures.I dont think ive ever been this happy while battling💖
2nd qualifier and Top8 round at @combonation10 ,Russia.Could have done much better.I have to push my limits so much till i get what i deserve💪 #combonation10
Top16 tricks round at @combonation10 Kazan, Russia🤸💪 .This time i was focusing on the beat also which gave me an advantage against my opponent. #combonation10
Tricks Qualification round at @combonation10 Kazan,Russia.Made it to the top 8 .Russian scene is no joke.Everyone is mad fresh and hardworking.It was the 1st time they've seen indian bboys so i didnt want to disappoint them which is why i went all out😎 Learned alot in this jam. #combonation10
With One of the most original bboy in the scene right now Bboy @cheerito congrats on the win😊 One of the best trickhead of the world Bboy @saloriginal and One of the dopest and oldest powerhead of Russia Bboy @world_of_bboy_gipsy @combonation10 was indeed the best event ive attended till now.Next level experience.Thank you so much everyone for your exchange with me ❤️ #combonationx #russia #kazan #bboygodhand
Thank you so much Bboy Funt and Bboy Can for taking care of us and by giving dope secret workshop and motivational practice at @combonation10 .Iam so inspired by coming to Russia .This is the place to be.i would also like to thank Funt for gifting me the tshirt and advice to improve myself and my scene in India 🙏🙏 #combonationx #kazan #russia #powermoveconspiracy
Thank you so much Mc @elpistoleroted for taking us to beautiful places of kazan like Kremlin and Bauman street and also helping us in shopping .Heading for the workshop today 😊 #kazan #kremlin #bauman #street #shopping #combonation
Thank you everyone for your lovely wishes.One of the most memorable bday ever in Omsk,Russia.I would like to thank @amir_zakirov_kmn for taking such good care of us.Who says nice people dont exist 😊 .Thanks you again for gifting us cap from @kamon_wear merchandise.Now going to Kazan for the main event ☺️ #omsk #russia #combonation
Illest trick of the year is here. One hand Flash Airbaby!! @2h2b @theruggeds @stanceelements @worldbboyclassic @beyondthelimitsoff #2h2b #theruggeds
Power Practice☺️ #dowhatyoulove
Got this new Freeze! 📸 by @_monochromes_ #benditlikeabboy
🕺💁❣️ 📸 by @_monochromes_ #coupleshoot
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