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Hi I'm John! A Mom-taught #cook , #baker , husband, & dad of twins Lachlan & George living in Los Angeles #Food + #Family =❤️

Who wants a slice of my strawberry lemonade cake???🍰🤔 Zingy lemon cake filled with 🍓curd and covered in dreamy Swiss meringue buttercream. 😍 It might just be the perfect cake for a warm summer day!☀️💕 Click the 👉Link in Bio, search “lemonade”👈 for the full recipe!🎊 #cakelover #strawberrycake #strawberry #ilovecake
What does my striped chocolate cake remind you of???🎂🤔 I thought it looked like a circus tent (in a good way), my husband said it reminded him of a giant peppermint! 😅 The cake itself is fluffy and beyond moist, covered in creamy chocolate and vanilla Swiss buttercream, and yes there is a secret ingredient! Beets!!! ✨They gave a ton of moisture to this cake.  Those stripes are made with raspberry powder BTW 😀 Click the 👉link in bio👈 for the full how to video! #🎂 #chocolatecake #deathbychocolate #instachocolate
What do you think of my watermelon canapés???🍉🤔 I just love the combination of cucumber, mint, and some delicious seasonal fruit.😍 These are so refreshing and easy to make! ✨ It’s a been pretty toasty summer so I’ve given my oven a break and am making lots of no bake everything! Do you have a favorite warm-weather snack?? ☀️ Head over to the blog 👉link in bio, search “watermelon”👈 for the recipe! 🎊  #appetizer #watermelon #fruitlover #🍉
Happy Friday!!! 🎊 What do you have on tap for the weekend???🤔 I‘m going back to the farmer’s market, but this time the boys will be supervising my purchases!🤣💐 I will also of course continue encouraging the twins to wear their baby sunglasses 🕶✨If you’re looking for some delicious things to make this weekend head over to the blog 👉Link in bio👈 for all my recipes and how to videos!🎊
Which would you choose, roses or peonies???🤔🌸 Clearly I can’t decide so I’ve made both with buttercream! I basically addicted to buttercream flowers. They make cakes just that much more special! 🌹I get tons of questions on how to make them so I just posted a full how to video 👉Link in bio👈 explaining how to make them, what tips to use and all my hints! 💕 #Buttercreamflowers #peonies cakedecorating  #cakeart
What level of spice do you like, mild, medium, hot, or???🌶🤔🌶 Medium for me please! My California crispy chicken sandwich definitely packs some heat, and the flavor is 💯! Head over to the blog (link in bio) for the full recipe! #sweetonspice #ad #friedchicken #spicyfood
What do you think of my red velvet cake??? 🤔🎂 Moist and fluffy chocolate cake with addictive cream cheese frosting, all topped with buttercream roses for good measure! 😍You’ve got to see that fork going in at the end!!🤤 Know anyone obsessed with this flavor?? Click the 👉Link in Bio👈 for the full how to video! #redvelvetcake #creamcheesefrosting #cakelove   #cakeoftheday
Who wants a delicious homemade strawberry coconut popsicle???🤔🍓 It’s been pretty HOT lately so I whipped up a batch of easy, three ingredient frozen treats to help cool down. ❄️ Super-delicious but not too sweet! Do you ever make your own pops? Head over to the blog 👉Link in bio👈 for the recipe! #Popsicle #Popsicles #healthydessert #🍓
Happy Friday!!✨ What are you looking forward to this weekend??? 🤔 Taking Lachlan and George for long weekend walks is my favorite thing to do! 👶🏻💕👶🏻 If only I could get them to keep those little baby sunglasses on!😆 If you’re looking for some delicious things to make this weekend head over to the blog 👉Link in bio👈 for all my recipes and how to videos!🎊 #twins #dadlife #familyfun #familytime
What’s the kitchen tool you CAN’T live without???🤔 I have a few favorites that make everything easier, from decorating cakes to making the perfect biscuit. 😀 Being prepared makes such a difference!! If you want a tour of all my favorites, click the link in bio for the video! ✨💕 #baker #inmykitchen #cakeart #ilovecake
Can you guess what sign I am by looking at my Caprese salad??🤔😆 I went a bit crazy on this one I know, but I had a vision! Anyhow, heirloom tomatoes are in season, basil is plentiful, and fresh mozzarella is always a great idea.🍅🍃 Why not combine the three and consume mass quantities?? 😋 What do you think of my presentation? Too messy?🤣 Head over to the blog (link in bio, search “caprese”) for my much simpler, but maybe just as beautiful, version.🎊 #heirloomtomatoes #caprese #basil #mozzarella
Who wants a slice of my blackberry lemon cake? 🍰🤔 It’s filled with blackberry curd, a mascarpone buttercream that’s to die for and of course, tons of plump berries!! 🤤What do you think??😀 Click the link in my bio for the full how to video!🎉 #ilovecake #instacake #cakecakecake #cakeoftheday
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