Mercedes Fine Ass😜

Pretty👯 Educated🎓 & Tatted💉 Booking: @struckbystarent #tattoomodel 💉#videovixen 😻#EMT 🚑 @twice_a_lady JUST MARRIED 💍🎊🔔

Since it's my baby birthday @12 and we'll be deep off involved im sum adult activities I want to send a very special happy birthday to my wife, partner in crime, crazier half, my homie, lover, & friend❤️🤞🏽 you are more than I could have wished for and I pray we see many more years to is your special day & by all means you can have the world 🌎 it's yours😘 HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY BEAUTIFUL ❤️ @twice_a_lady now let's finish what we started😏😋💦 #28 #pisces
The devil is sooooo busy....fix it jesus🙏🏽
Happy & Healthy & Wealthy ❤️
Cause Sunday's family day👩‍👩‍👦🤞🏽
Jesus take the wheel 😩😩😩😭
You gotta tender sweet love ❤️ That weakens me & takes over me Whenever we touch Baby that's just why I love you soo much 😍☺️🤗
Kissin On My Tattoos 💋
They ain't see potential in me girl But you seen it.. If it's me and you against the world Then so be it ❤️🌎🤞🏽
S/O to my wifeeeeeeee for these customs baby😘😘😘😘 I'm smiling from ear to ear 😁☺️ I love you baby @twice_a_lady ❤️
My favorite time of the year Vday❤️
Bringing Valentines Day in with my Wife❤️ The love of my Life❤️Of course everyday is Valentine's Day for you!!! You are my bestfriend, my sunshine on a cloudy day, my better half, the ying to my're everything to me 🌎I never thought I'd feel love like this...I promise to never let ur heart hurt again🤞🏽I promise you will always have me as a friend..I promise to always b there when u cry, push come to shove I'd lay down & die...whenever u need me, I'll be there I promise ❤️🤞🏽💍 @twice_a_lady
When yo wife yo bestfriend ❤️🤞🏽 #shegluedtomyhip #datringtho 💍
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