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Pridesys IT Limited is one of the leading IT companies of Bangladesh which provides Secure, Scalable, On-Demand Application System and Data Access

Machine learning is a data science technique that allows computers to use existing data to forecast future behaviors, outcomes, and trends. Using machine learning, computers learn without being explicitly programmed. Visit to know more #machine #learning #bangladesh #machinelearning #machinelearningalgorithms
Pridesys IT Ltd.’s Big Data Engineering services enable organizations to conceptualize and implement a well-thought-out big data program across multiple domains and focus areas. We help our clients account for scale and platform readiness while developing Big Data Engineering capabilities to drive vision and value. This significantly complicates their big data solutions, increasing the cost of implementation and upkeep. However, big data engineering is not about using every bit of data originating from every source, it’s about making the smart decisions that acceler For more information visit #bigdata #analytics #bangladesh #Engineering #information #bigdatamanagement #Dataintegration
Cloud computing is the trend in which resources are provided to a local client on an on-demand basis, usually by means of the internet. Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is simply cloud computing in which at least some of the devices involved are mobile. This paper goes over multiple techniques and methods for mobile cloud computing. It explores both general-purpose mobile cloud computing solutions and application-specific solutions. To know more visit #mobile #clouds #computing #solution
Financial Organization (Bank, Investment Company, Co-operative Society) is representing a complicated form of business where massive administrative and paper work done every day at numerous departments. As a result, huge amount of data get generated in financial organizations. The most important thing, each data is important to the customer and the company. To know more visit #finance #module #erp
Our ERP for food and beverage system can provide your business with the support structure it needs for weathering the challenges and helping you reap the rewards. #erp #food #beverage
Our enterprise ERP is a product of intuitive design and focused functionality. Seeking to solve the problem of cumbersome systems, We built a software solution that enhances your workflow with applications that look and feel like the ones used in your day-to-day life. Every application is interconnected – producing in-depth inquiries and useful reports. On top of all that, we have built a business intelligence system that feeds off of data as it is entered, providing you with a complete view of your business at the touch of a button. For more information visit #erp #technology #solution
Telecom companies now-a-days deal with significant challenges in driving profitability. Because the market is highly unstable and too much competitive. All the competitor provides and offers almost same kind of products and services. Customer demand high quality services in low price. Entrench of a new company in the industry increase the pressure. To face these challenges and to focus on the target market need fast, reliable and efficient process execution to help the company to take advantages. For more info visit #erp #software #telecom #industry
PRIDESYS ERP Software gives you peace of mind by providing the following extensive security features.This security system is configurable at its every level by role or as per user, but our main focus is your requirement. For more informations visit #erp #security #issues
Purchase Management has a vital role to play, in a manufacturing organization. It procures the items/material required by an organization and thus fulfills the necessary item requirements of various departments. In case of shortage in stock or at reorder level, it deals with multiple suppliers in an endeavor to procure new stock and also makes sure that the material is procured in the best possible quality, cost & time. For more informations visit #erp #purchase #management #module #pridesys #BGMEA #BKMEA #BTMEA
Our Business Process Management System increases efficiency, performance, and agility in the day-to-day operations of a business. BPM systems have been widely adopted by leading organizations, and can increase your business’s productivity, agility, and profitability. For more informations visit #businessprocessautomation #businessprocess #businessprocessmanagement #businessprocesses #ImplementationAndSupportServices #InternetResearch #marketresearch #VerotechResourcesBase #ImprovingBusinessesAndLives
Washing Plant is a part of the Garments industry. Where garment product get a proper chemical or organic treatment to future use. Here in Bangladesh it’s becoming popular to the small investor to setup a washing plant and do business. But this is a highly labor intensive work and sensitive too. A simple mistake will bring you to the ground. And for this you need a proper business solution for your washing plant business to maintain proper track for business process, production and delivery. For more informations visit #washingplant #erp #ERPImplementation #ERPSolutions #erpforecommerce
Pridesys IT Ltd. is promised to provide product, service and support with international standard, to their current and future clients (local & foreign). We offer solutions from on-premises, to SaaS, to cloud and more. Our client can access to their IT solution from anywhere at any time when they need. To know more about our services, visit: #ERP #infrastructureservices #businessprocessautomation #managementinformationsystem #customsoftware #softwareasaservice #SaaS #MobileAppsDevelopment #webportaldevelopment #WebsiteDevelopment #callcentersolution #BusinessIntelligence #BI #pridesys #infrastructuresolutions #infrastructuresolutionsllc #infrastructuresolutionsgroup #digitalbangladesh #Bangladesh #BGMEA #BKMEA #BTMEA #Textile #Woven #Knitting #Production #Planning #Denim #Apparel #Software
Insurance agencies require adaptable proficient frameworks for data handling as they work with an extraordinary number of customers, manage responsible records including the ones for administrative elements, go frequently through registration. We have a total ERP answer for insurance agency for the creation a smooth task process For more information visit: #insurance #insuranceERP #insurancebusiness #insurancevsinvestment
It is very important to integrate the apparel industry with information technology. This is the era of information technology and it has one of the great invitation called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This is a tool that ensure effective coordination between the business departments of the organization to the direct production process by providing competitive information analysis and forecast the future. For more informations visit #erp #apparel #industry
Today our team is going to lose it's most dedicated and humble member Salim Hossain, who has been with us from the beginning of pridesys's journey. Team pridesys thanks him for all those times when he gave his effort and true dedication. It will be difficult to fill the void created by his absence. FAREWELL Salim Hossain. YOU WILL BE MISSED.
Distribution management is Cloud ERP software that helps companies manage their supply chain and logistics activities, including warehouse management, inventory management, and order management (sales and purchase orders), and integrate these activities with the company’s financials and sales. Wholesale distribution software can help companies improve customer satisfaction, reduce order times, and control costs across the entire supply and distribution chain. For more information visit #erp #distribution #management
Business Process Automation is a strategy for business to manage information, data and processes to reduce cost, resources and investment. The ultimate target of BPA is to increase productivity by automating (through computing) key business processes. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is often perceived as a BPA implementation outcome. For more informations visit #business #process #automation #software
Alhumdulilla. Another Achievement for Pridesys. Today we have signed a contract with Vision Group. Initially we will work for there 6 company automation for 1 year. Great job Team Pridesys. #VisionGroup #pridesyserp #GarmentsERP #BGMEA #BKMEA #BTMEA #Textile #Woven #Knitting #Production #Planning #Denim #BI #MobileAPP #Apparel
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