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Pridesys IT Limited is one of the leading IT companies of Bangladesh which provides Secure, Scalable, On-Demand Application System and Data Access

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is the next wave of internet technologies. IoT will fundamentally change how business and manufacturing will be done worldwide. It’s continues to spread across the home and the enterprise, it’s changing how we live and work every day. IoT adoption reached some 43 percent of enterprises worldwide by the end of 2016.For more informations visit #InternetofThings  #IOT  #AI  #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning
A lot of organizations juggle with billions of bytes of date every single day, in an effort to figure out an information management strategy that could accelerate the flow of insights. This complicates their big date solutions by a great extent, increasing the cost of implementation and upkeep. However, big date engineering is not about using every bit of date originating from every source; it’s about making the smart decisions that accelerate business growth. Pridesys IT Ltd.’s Big Data Engineering services enable organizations to conceptualize and implement a well-thought- of big data program across multiple domains and focal points. We help our clients account for scale and platform readiness while developing Big Data Engineering capabilities to drive vision and value. For more information, visit #bigdata #analytics #bangladesh #Engineering #information #bigdatamanagement #Dataintegration
ERP and HCM solutions are a natural pairing, Pridesys human capital management is packed with functionalities that enable you to comprehensively, and yet simplistically, handle payroll processing..For more information, visit #humancapitalmanagement #human #resources #management #software #humancapital #humanresources #pridesysERP #HRM
We offers businesses to support in developing Financial Reports that are organized and comprehensive but yet easily comprehendible allowing agencies to make accurate and appropriate monetary decisions. Our Financial Reporting services, which are developed based upon each specific agency's needs .To know more visit #reporting #management #analysis #PridesysERP #GarmentsERP #BGMEA #BKMEA #BTMEA #Textile #Woven #Knitting #Production #Planning #Denim #BI #MobileAPP #Apparel #Software #infrastructuresolution #erpsecurity #softwaresecurity #textileerp #ERPfortextile
This is the ERP solution will ensure you the proper control, integration and synchronization of all aspects of manufacturing process, which are followed and suitable for Bangladesh. Short and long production, both can adopt the system properly.To know more visit #manufacturing #production #planning #software
Cloud is the trend in which resources are provided to a local client on an on-demand basis, usually by means of the internet. Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is simply cloud computing in which at least some of the devices involved are mobile. This paper goes over multiple techniques and methods for mobile cloud computing. It explores both general-purpose mobile cloud computing solutions and application-specific solutions..For more information visit #mobile #cloud #computing #solution
Our team offers customers with highly professional Management Information System (MIS) related services. These services are rendered by our team of experts, which ensures that the provided information is useful to manage the organization. Management Information System is a subset of the overall internal controls procedures used in a business.To know more visit: #ManagementInformationSystem #business #systemsanalyst #website #testonline #websitemurah #webdeveloper #informationtechnology
Warehouse management systems come in a variety of types and implementation methods, and the type typically depends on the size and nature of the organization. They can be stand-alone systems or modules in a larger enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or supply chain execution suite. We can support with warehouse management system in any type of industry with effeciaency and hard dedication.For more informations visit: #EWMS #Warehouse #WarehouseSafety #Management #inventorymanagement #AccountingSoftware #InventoryManagementSoftware
Capture all of your data in an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for small businesses and midsize companies. Our ERP software helps you manage everything from accounting and CRM to supply chain management and purchasing. For more information visit #erp #technology #solution #EnterpriseTechnology #software #pridesysERP
Whether you are engaged in building, operating or transferring public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, telecom, housing for economically weaker sections, etc. you can adopt Pridesys ERP to ensure that your projects are all on time and on budget.To know more Visit: #infrastructure #solution #specialist #infrastructuresolution #PridesysERP #GarmentsERP #Software
Financial Organizations perform monetary transactions, which means money is essential and mandatory factor. Information related with market, company and customer is the money making factor. So maintaining these information and performing required business process perfectly, is really a tough job. Company and customer can incur loss at any time. To minimize these loss Pridesys ERP is offering you the best automated system solutions for your company. Which will help you to maintain proper information and customer relation. For more informations visit #financialorganizations #financeerp #financemodule #monetary
Telecom companies now-a-days deal with significant challenges in driving profitability. As the market is highly unstable and too much competitive the entire competitor provides and offers almost same kind of products and services. Customer demand high quality services in low price. Entrench of a new company in the industry increase the pressure. To face these challenges and to focus on the target market need fast, reliable and efficient process execution to help the company to take advantages. Pridesys IT, for the first time in Bangladesh, developed an ERP for Telecom Company, which have the ability to adopt our local culture of business. This software includes all specific solution related to the telecom industry. Our solution will ensure your increase service quality, improved operational performance and also align resources to the business opportunities.For more info visit: #erp #software #telecom #industry #telecomindustries
Food & Beverage is the sector of complexities, where the challenges like regulatory compliance, quality, perishability, faster inventory changes, timely delivery etc. is regular scenario. But Pridesys provides all the solutions to face these changes. Whatever the sector in food industries you are in, Pridesys solution offer improved policy and efficiency for your business. Pridesys includes services like faster transaction service in the POS, customer and demand tracking, monitoring food life cycle from initial ingredients to the finished product, shipment and final delivery, it means from A to Z solution for the industries. Maintain a proper inventory system with multiple units of measure with accurate product cost is another vital feature from Pridesys Solution. For more informations, visit #erp #food #beverage #FoodandBeverage
Pridesys ERP security system is configurable at its every level by role or as per user, but our main focus is your requirement. It’s a standard security system and feature includes Password Control, which works at every authorization level that has been declared by the authority. Users are only capable to get access, insert, edit or remove data which they have the permission. For more information visit #erp #security #issues #SecurityandAccessControl #movingwithtechnology
Our ERP is a product of intuitive design and focused functionality. Seeking to solve the problem of cumbersome systems, Pridesys has built a software solution that enhances your workflow with applications that look and feel like the ones used in your day-to-day life. For more information visit #ERP #erpmodules #CRM #finance #accounting #ERPSolutions #ERPDevelopment #erpsoftware #pridesysERP
Pridesys Purchase is the strategic and coherent approach to the purchase management of an organization – where time, communication, right decision making contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the business. This Purchase system solution will help the organization from the requisition to supplier refund, which covers the full cycle of Purchase Management System. We believe you have a strong and faithful purchase team, but to increase the efficiency and make your purchase more fruitful for your company you need to keep proper track of the purchase process. And this will ensure to control parches cost or over purchase. With the daily activities of an organization it becomes very hard to follow up or to do all the purchase task like supplier choosing, purchase query, Comparative statement, tender generation, management and evaluation, supplier payment, refund and so on.For more informations visit: #erp #purchase #management #module #pridesys #purchaseprocess #purchasemanagement
Our Pridesys ERP is the best textile software helps to increase the quantity produced and efficiency of your manufacturing process. It keeps records of any changes and also helps to detect any technical errors. Our Pridesys ERP keeps accurate records of your payments and receipts and also help to improve networking and collaboration. But the main reason why our Pridesys ERP is considered as the best textile solution is because it helps to reduce cost. Our Pridesys ERP is programmed in such a way that enables you to pre-plan your steps ahead and thus help to cut down your cost by a huge margin. Our Pridesys ERP is your best textile software solution.To know more, visit: #erp #textile #industry #clothes #yarn #textileindustries
In Automotive Components and Accessories industry, success depends on product and collaborative environment of right quality, quantity, improve production flow and rotation time. Pridesys provides a solution for this industry, which is creative and innovative, also capable to handle challenges. Our Pridesys ERP provides all the required unique features for this industry. For example the OEM service (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to identify unique and original products. Pridesys provides the all in one solution with this system from production planning to schedule the delivery. Software will help you to forecast the sales quota and the operating budget, determination of the target sales to meet the breakeven is also possible.For more information's visit #Automobile #automobileindustry #automobilesoftware #Software #softwarewithVAT
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